Get Some Easy Hacks To Fix Firefox Keeps Crashing Issue

In this technologically advanced era, suffering on the internet is the most important thing. For that reason, web browsers are essential. There are many web browsers in the world among them, Mozilla Firefox is the most reliable one. Most of the people prefer to use Firefox because of its advanced features and user-friendly interface. Despite all these special facilities and features, there are many technical glitches which irritate users from time to time.
You may often face the
Firefox keeps crashing message in your system.

This Firefox crashing problem in the most common issue among Firefox browser users. There are a lot of reasons for this particular issue. If there is some problem in the Firefox settings, then it may cause this problem.

Otherwise, if you are using a malware or virus infected device, then it may be a possible reason behind this problem. Moreover, the outdated Firefox version and unwanted applications and add-ons may also create this kind of problem.

Firefox tab keeps crashing is not a vital problem, you can fix it if you have some technical knowledge. in any case, if you are not a technically sound person, then you can avail the best solutions from this article. This article will surely help you to eliminate the problem quickly.

Firefox Keeps Crashing: Easy Troubleshooting Hacks

Firefox keeps crashing is not critical and needs to be fixed quickly. There are multiple methods by which you can fix it quickly. Here we are going to discuss some easy and effective ways to fix the issue. If you follow the steps correctly then you may be able to eradicate it in your system.

Solution 1: Refresh Firefox Settings

Sometimes you may fix the Firefox crash problem due to some problem in the Firefox settings. It is pretty difficult to identify the problem in the settings. So, it is better to reset the Firefox settings to its default factory version.

To do that, you have to open the Firefox Web browser in the Safe mode. For that, press and hold the SHIFT button and then double-click on the Firefox icon on the screen. After that, you can see two options: Start in Safe mode and Refresh Firefox. So, select the second option and then click on OK. Now, you can access your Firefox web browser without having any problem.

Solution 2: Run The Troubleshooter Tool

Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 Operating Systems have an inbuilt Troubleshooter Tool to fix any minor problems. You can fix this Firefox crash problem with the help of this Troubleshooting Tool. So, open the Search tab by pressing the Windows Key and R button together. After that, type Troubleshooting Tool in the search box and hit the Enter button.

Then a new tab will open and from there click on the ‘Scan’ option to identify all the problems. Now it will list the issues, then select the Fix button to delete those issues. As soon as the process ends, restart your device and try to print anything. We hope that you will not face the problem again in your device.

Solution 3: Uninstall Unwanted Applications

It has been seen that there are many unwanted applications which are stored on the computer. These applications may create many problems on your computer. That’s why it is better to uninstall those applications from your computer.

So, open the File Explorer option and click on the Uninstall Programs option. After that, you can see all the installed programs and applications in your system. From there identify those unwanted applications and right-click on them. Then select the ‘Uninstall’ option. Now, uninstall all those applications one by one.

After the process ends, restart your system and then access your Firefox web browser smoothly.

Solution 4: Disable Add-Ons

In the Firefox web browser, we always use different kind of add-ons and extensions to improve the browsing experience. This add-ons and extensions are very helpful to access the browser. But sometimes these add-ons and extensions may create this kind of problem in the Firefox.

So, you can try to fix the problem by disabling the add-ons and extensions. To do that, open the Firefox browser and click on the Menu option. From there select the Add-ons and Extension option. Under that, you can see all the installed add-ons and extensions. right-click on them and select the Disable option. After that, restart the Firefox web browser and use it smoothly.

Solution 5: Update The Firefox Application

Due to the outdated Firefox software, you may also face the problem in your system That’s why we always suggest updating your Firefox. So, open the Firefox application, click on the Menu option. Under that, you can see the Update option, click on it.

Then it will automatically install the remaining updates in your system. Then restart the Firefox browser and use it without any error and glitches.

Solution 6: Remove Malware And Virus

If you are using a malware and virus affected system, then it is possible that you may face this kind of problem. So, eliminate the malware and virus from your system is the best option to fix the problem. To do that, install a premium antivirus application in your system and launch it. After that, you will see a Scan option, click on it. Then it will identify all kind of malware and virus affected files in your system.
After that, click on the Fix option to delete those files. Now, restart your system and access Firefox web browser without having any problem.

Winding Up

If you go through the solutions strictly, then it should help you fix Firefox keeps crashing issue. Do let us know which method works better for you.

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