Is Fortnite Stuttering on Your PC? Here are 6 Methods to Fix the Error

Fortnite is an online game which is developed by the Epic Games corporation.

The game was publicly launched in the gaming market in the year 2017. For the last couple of days, the gamers have been reporting a serious issue about the game, it is Fortnite stuttering during the gaming session. In addition to that, they are also eager to know the reason behind the issue as well.

The reasons might be hardware malfunctions, the presence of malicious items in your system, the absence of the latest patch files, high-resolution game settings and many more. The troubleshooting processes are given here which will be helpful for you to resolve the issue at the earliest. 

  1. Check the System Requirement

    Before running any application on your computer, you must know the minimum and recommended system requirements. The minimum system requirements of the game include an Intel Core i3 processor with a clock rate of 2.4 GHz. The volatile memory size will be 4 Gigabytes. The OS must be Windows 7, 8, and 10 with the 64-bit version. In addition to that, Intel HD 4000 graphics card is necessary. 

    Now, coming to the recommended system requirements, your computer must have the Intel Core i5 with a clock rate of 2.8 GHz. Furthermore, your computer’s volatile memory must contain the space of 8 Gigabytes with Windows 7, 8, 10 of 64 bit. As per the expert’s recommendation, the graphics card must be NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870. 

    So, access My Computer or This PC to check your system configuration. If there is something missing, you must upgrade your system as per the requirements given above. This entire process might help you in eliminating the Fortnite stuttering issue. 

  2. Download and Install the Latest Patch File

    The developers of the game are still working to fix the errors of the game. They develop the patch files at regular intervals to fix the bugs or any type of errors of the game. When you are facing the Fortnite stuttering issue on your computer, search for the latest patch files which can fix the issue. 

    Make sure you find and download the cache files from a safe and secured website. After the successful installation of the patch files, copy and paste them into the game directory. If you are having the Epic game launcher, open it and navigate through the user interface and find out the library. As you can see in the Fortnite poster, a gear-shaped icon will be present below it, it is the Settings.

    Open the Settings and turn on the Auto-update. Now, check whether the issue still persists or not.

  3. Download the New Version of the Graphics Driver

    You can update the graphics driver in two different ways — One is Automatically and the other is Manually. The automatic update requires the help of a third-party application. The application will scan the computer and will show you not only the outdated graphics driver but also the other drivers as well. In the case of manual download, visit the official website of your computer manufacturer. There you can find the drivers. Select the bit version and download the graphics drivers. After that, install them, this will update the graphics driver to its latest version. 

  4. Make Changes in the Game Settings

    When you play the game, higher game settings will let you play the game with excellent graphics. On the other hand, the higher game settings will also consume more volatile memory than the game itself. And, that is why Fortnite stuttering takes place. To reduce the game settings, you need to open the game and get access to the settings, the gear-shaped icon. 

    When the Settings open, you can see multiple tabs at the top. Click on the PC-shaped icon and decrease the resolution. As the Apply button is located at the bottom-right corner of the game, click on it. Restart the game and surely the Fortnite stuttering will not occur again. 

  5. Switch off the Gaming Mode in Windows 10

    Windows 10 has its Gaming mode which enables you to play games with the help of another interface. The Gaming mode of the OS consumes a lot of resources from the system.

    That is why Fortnite stuttering takes place. All you need to do is to disable or turn off the Gaming mode. Start the game and access the game bar, the Game mode is present there. Now, turn it off so that it can eliminate the stuttering error. 

  6. Grant Maximum Priority to the Fortnite

    The Task Manager will help you out in this matter. When the Task Manager opens, you will see several tabs. Click on the Details tab and based on the alphabetic order you can find out the game. Right-click on it and you will find the Set priority option. Now, click on it and select the High priority option. Close the Task Manager and start the game. Hopefully, the Fortnite stuttering will not occur again. 


The presence of the cache and malicious files in your system can also create a barrier in playing the Fortnite game. So, with the help of the temporary files and security software, you have to eliminate the cache and malicious files. When your computer boots up, there are a few applications that run at the startup. Before opening the game, make sure that you have closed those background applications. 

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