What to do when Gmail Error 78144 occurs?

While working with Gmail, users can experience multiple issues that can include problems with Google’s server and facing different error codes.

Out of many critical errors, the code 78144 can be a really challenging issue to overcome in Gmail. When this problem occurs, it can affect your Gmail’s trash folder and generate frequent error notifications. If you don’t troubleshoot Gmail error 78144 and keep ignoring it for long, it can disrupt the process of receiving and sending of emails. According to a majority of Gmail users, this error has the ability to erase emails from their inboxes without any prior warning message. So, if you are currently experiencing error code 78144, don’t get panicked and keep reading this article. It will share a few common causes, which can trigger this error in your Gmail. Also, you can refer the solutions discussed here to resolve 78144 from your Google’s email account.

Possible Reasons Behind Gmail Error 78144

When you receive alerts regarding Gmail error 78144, it can be quite a frustrating situation. However, if you really want to fix this issue in your Google mail account, you need to know about its underlying causes. So, let’s discuss a few reasons, which can lead to error code 78144 in Gmail.

  1. Sometimes, any technical fault in Google’s server can make Gmail temporarily unavailable. Hence, users can experience various error codes including 78144, when they try to access their Gmail accounts.
  2. In some cases, this error can appear if Gmail faces any kind of trouble while loading on some selective browsers. This can happen due to software conflicts or any issue with the internet connection in your system.
  3. If the sync settings are not properly configured for your Gmail account, it can result in the error code 78144.
  4. Many users can come across 78144 notification if they are not using an updated version of Gmail on their systems.
  5. In case you have blocked some specific features like IMAP or less secure apps, then it can generate Gmail error 78144.
  6. Installing some specific add-ons and extensions for your browser can also block the access to Gmail’s features. Hence, this can also be a reason why you are experiencing error code 78144.

Troubleshooting Methods to Remove Gmail Error 78144 from your System

If you want to fix Gmail error 78144, you can go through the following methods and apply them.

Solution 1: Enable IMAP and Less Secure Apps on Gmail

In case the error 78144 is generating in your Gmail account due to misconfigured settings, you can try this solution. Hence, first, open your Google mail profile and find the icon of gear on the upper-right portion of the window.

So, click on ‘Settings’ and navigate to the tab of ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’. Then click on it and turn on the feature of IMAP in your Gmail account. Make sure to click on ‘Save Changes’ so that Gmail can remember these changes in your future accesses.

Also, go to the address bar on your active browser and write/paste ‘https://myaccount.google.com/security’ in it. While typing this link, you must already log into your Gmail account to resolve error 78144.

Now, scroll down the page and find the tab for ‘Allow less secure apps’ and enable it. After this, hopefully, the issue of 78144 will not appear while accessing your Gmail account.

Solution 2: Turn On Private Browsing Mode to Access your Gmail

Often, a few extensions and add-ons enabled for your browser can conflict with Google apps or Gmail in particular. Hence, you can troubleshoot various errors like 78144 by simply disabling these apps and extensions temporarily.

Now, you can open your Gmail account using either private browsing or incognito mode to test the status of this error. So, open the Chrome application on your PC and click on ‘New Incognito Window’ after selecting ‘More’.

For those who are using Linux, Windows or Chrome-based systems, they can hit the tabs for Ctrl, Shift, and N together. This will open a new incognito window on their browsers instantly without any add-ons and extensions. So, try to launch your Gmail account and try to send an email to check if it gives error code 78144.

Solution 3: Remove Cache and Cookies from your Browser

If the issue of Gmail error 78144 still appears even after trying the above solutions, you need to remove your browser data. So, if you are getting this error message on Chrome, open the browser on your PC and click on ‘More’.

Then, locate the tab for ‘Clear browsing data’ by clicking on ‘More tools’ and select a time range to delete the contents.

Sometimes, deleting everything from your browser’s history can troubleshoot error 78144. Hence, select the option of ‘All time’ in order to delete the browsing data.

Now, tick the checkbox for ‘Cached images and files’ and repeat the same for ‘Cookies and other site data’. Finally, click on the tab for ‘Clear data’ and open your Gmail account to see if you are getting 78144 error message.

Solution 4: Turn On Sync Feature for your Google Account

As the error code can result due to syncing problems with your Gmail account, this solution might be helpful for you. To try this fix, you have to open your Google Account associated with Gmail, which is generating error 78144.

Next, open Chrome on your computer and click on the ‘Profile’ icon at the top-right corner. Then, log into your Google Account using the proper username and password.

Now, to sync Gmail account info across all your devices, you need to click on ‘Turn on sync’. After that, hit the tab of ‘Turn on’ and refresh the page on your browser. Hopefully, the notification regarding 78144 will not appear anymore after enabling the syncing feature in Gmail account.

If the problem of Gmail error 78144 persists even after applying all these fixes, it’s time to get help from the professionals. Hence, you can get in touch with a Google or Gmail technician and get solutions to resolve 78144 error code.

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