Smart Tips And Tricks To Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working

After Windows 10 Creators Update, HP laptop touchpad not working becomes a major concern as it is the most annoying error among the Windows 10 users. This issue usual cause due to the incompatible or outdated touchpad drivers. Some users have reported that they find this error because of the corrupted system files.

So, if you’re struggling with the same error then, keep your worries at bay. As here, in the article, we bring all the possible ways by which you can easily get rid of this error. But, before going to the troubleshooting section, you need to know why this error occurs. And after knowing the proper reasons, you can easily resolve this error on your own. So, take a look right below in order to identify the root causes behind this error.

Get to Know Why HP Laptop Touchpad not Working on Windows 10?

Hp laptop touchpad not working Windows 10 issue occurs due to a lot of reasons but the primary one is because of the outdated or corrupted touchpad drivers. So, if you are running an outdated touchpad driver, then you will surely encounter this issue. Another reason behind this issue is the missing or corrupted system files in your PC. Apart from this, the incorrect or wrong configuration can also lead to such HP laptop touchpad related issues. However, no matter what causes this error, whenever you come across this problem, you need to resolve this error immediately. Otherwise, this issue will prevent you to use your PC.

How to Resolve HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue?

There can be several ways to resolve this error. But, here, we have mentioned some of the most effective ones. However, before walking towards the troubleshooting section, we recommend you to perform a simple restart of your device. After restarting the device, if the HP laptop touchpad is still not working, then you require to proceed with the below-highlighted methods that will help you to get rid of this issue. So, take a glance below:

Method 1: Update the Touchpad Driver

As we have already mentioned that outdated or corrupted touchpad driver is the primary cause for this error. So, it is advised to update the touchpad driver. To do so, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: In the first step, you require to press the Windows Home key + X key simultaneously on your keyboard to launch the Run dialogue box. Now, in the Run dialogue box, type ‘Device Manager’ and hit the Enter button. Now, choose the Device Manager from the result list to open the experience.

Step 2: Here, you need to expand the ‘Mice and other pointing devices’. Thereafter, double-click on the HP Touchpad and choose the Properties option. Now, navigate to the Driver tab where you have to tap on the Update Drive button.

Step 3: Afterward, locate and choose the Browse My Computer For Driver Software button. Now, click on the Let Me Pick From A List Of Device Drivers On My Computer. Next, tap on the HID-compliant device from the menu and hit the Next button.

Once the touchpad driver installs on your device, simply hit the Restart button in order to save the new changes on your PC.

Method 2: Perform a Clean Boot

If you have any third party program installed on your device, then it can conflict with the touchpad drivers and as a result, you might experience HP laptop touchpad not working issue on your Windows 10 device. In that case, you can perform a clean boot to resolve this matter. And you do this task by doing the following:

Step 1: First of all, you have to do is press and hold the Windows Logo key + R key on your keyboard. This action will initiate the Run dialogue box. Now, in the Run dialogue box, write “msconfig” and click on the OK button or hit the Enter key.

Step 2: Now, navigate to the General tab where you need to locate the ‘Selective Startup’. Once you find it, make sure that the option is checked. If not, then you require to check it. Next, under selective startup, you have to find and uncheck the “Load Startup Items” box.

Step 3: Now, go to the Service tab and choose the “Hide All Microsoft Services” button. Once you are done, hit the Disable All button. This process will turn Off all the unnecessary services that might conflict with your device.  

Step 4: Thereafter, navigate to the Startup tab and select the Open Task Manager. Now, turn Off all the startup items that are present on the Startup tab. Then, hit the Apply button as well as the OK button. Once it is done, restart your device and check where the issue gets removed or not.

Method 3: Use the Function Keys to Enable the Touchpad

Most of the users claim that they unknowingly disable the touchpad and resulting, HP laptop touchpad not working issue occurs. Basically, different laptops have different function keys to enable or disable the touchpad. Although you are using HP laptop, you need to press the FN + F3 function key in order to enable the touchpad. After pressing the combination function keys, the issue should be resolved. But, in case, if you face the same error, then you can right-click on the Touchpad On/Off button and enable the touchpad.

Method 4: Enable the Touchpad from the Settings

In order to enable the Touchpad from the settings, you need to do the following steps:

Primarily, you require to press and hold the Windows Home key + I key altogether on your keyboard. This process will launch the Run dialogue box. Here, in the Run dialogue box, type “Device” and select it from the result list. Now, click on the Touchpad that is present on the left-hand menu. Once it is done, restart your device in order to save all the new changes. Now, check whether the issue gets eliminated. In case, if you still dealing with the same problem, then it is suggested you continue with the next method.

Method 5: Enable Touchpad from BIOS configuration

After enabling the touchpad from the settings, if the issue still remains, then you might need to enable it from BIOS configuration. To do this action you need to boot Windows first. And once the windows boot, press the DEL key orF2 key or the F8 key.

Method 6: Enable the Touchpad in Mouse Properties

If the previous method doesn’t fix the HP laptop touchpad not working issue, then you can try to enable the touchpad in Mouse properties. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • At first, press the Windows Home key + I key simultaneously on your keyboard choose the Devices.
  • Now, from the left-hand menu, select the Mouse and then, tap on the Additional Mouse Options.
  • Next, in the Mouse Properties window, switch to the tab shown on the display screen.
  • After that, select your device and hit the Enable option.
  • Once it is done, simply reboot the device to save the new changes.

Additional Way: Run Windows Troubleshooter

If the HP laptop touchpad not working, after Windows 10 Creator update, then we highly recommend you to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter. As this is a quite reliable tool which is specially designed to fix suck kind of Windows Update errors. To run this utility tool, you have to do the following:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Start button and then click on the Settings. Now, in the search field, type “Troubleshooting’ and hit the Enter Key or choose the OK button. Next, you have to tap on the Hardware And Sound option, that is present on the same page.

Step 2: Here, you need to click on the Hardware And Devices button. Thereafter, hit the Next button. Once you are done, the Windows troubleshooter will stat detecting internal glitches and bugs. After following this process, the Troubleshooter will provide the recommended solutions. Lastly, hit the Apply This Fix to resolve this issue.

To Conclude:

Hopefully, the above methods are quite helpful enough to resolve the HP laptop touchpad not working  Windows 10 error. Learn these methods carefully and apply these steps accordingly in order to fix this issue. While implementing, if you face any kind of issue, then you can leave your doubts in the feedback section. On the other hand, you can also take expert assistance for instant help.

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