6 Methods to Fix Common Errors of Insignia Bluetooth Adapter Driver

The Insignia Bluetooth adapter driver problems are not unknown to its users. As the driver supports Windows 7, 8, and 10, you must keep an eye on its compatibility. Sometimes, the most annoying problems faced by the users are connection issues, corrupted drivers and many more. On the other hand, due to some obvious malfunctions in your computer, a message appears, mentioning that the drivers might be missing. 

There are also some additional problems found in the Insignia Bluetooth adapter driver. And, they are the Bluetooth device not found, Bluetooth failed to start, improper device configuration and others. Therefore, here are some of the most effective methods mentioned that will fix the problem at the earliest. 

  1. Go through the Device Info

    Before buying the device, check all the details of the device written on the backside. Let’s say someone has Windows XP and buys the Insignia Bluetooth adapter without going through the device info. But, unfortunately, the minimum system compatibility is Windows Vista. Now, a forceful installation can make the drivers corrupted and thus real-time issues develop. Therefore, checking the device information before purchasing any computer parts or components is important.

  2. Check if the driver is connected

    In order to connect the device to your system, you have to power it on. If the device is not functioning properly, your first step should be to check whether the device is powered

    on or not. Then, install the drivers as well as the device management application. Now, access the application to verify its power settings. Also, turn the Insignia Bluetooth adapter On.

  3. Verify the Bluetooth Range

    Not only Bluetooth but also other wireless devices have a specified range. If the receiving device is within the range, then only the host device will perform well. After switching on the Insignia Bluetooth adapter, check whether the receiving device is within the range or not.

  4. Check the System Menus & Functions

    First, you need to check whether the Airplane mode is on or not. If this mode is on, then setting up any wireless connection is just impossible, so, turn it off. After that, navigate to the Bluetooth menu of your system. Check whether the Insignia Bluetooth adapter is on the list of added devices or not. If the adapter is not on the list, you have to include the device to establish a proper connection. 

    When the Insignia Bluetooth adapter driver is facing issues, it’s better to remove the device from your computer. Restart the computer and then add it. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. 

  5. Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter

    If all the above solutions don’t have any effect, the Bluetooth troubleshooter will surely play its role. Staying in the Connected devices section, you have to find out the Bluetooth Troubleshooter. It might be denoted with “Troubleshoot Bluetooth” or “Troubleshoot Wireless Connections”. So, if you see either of these terms, don’t get confused. 

    After the troubleshooting task is over, the results will declare the detected error and the reasons behind them. Try to implement all the necessary solutions to resolve them, as soon as possible. 

  6. Get the Compatible Drivers

    Several Bluetooth adapters come with a dedicated driver disc. If you get the driver disc along with the Insignia Bluetooth adapter, install the drivers from that disc. If not, you can either search the drivers automatically or download the drivers from the Insignia support page. Always avoid any other website to prevent system file corruption. 

Automatic or Manual Download? Which one to Choose?

Automatic and manual download of the drivers? What will you choose? Well, it completely depends on how much time you can spare for the entire process. The manual download needs some time as you have to access the support website separately. Whereas, the automatic download will consume less time. As per the tech experts, you can avail of any third-party application. It will download all the correct and compatible drivers for you without any hassle. 

Now, if none of the fixes works in your case then the error might be critical. Thus, you have to book a professional. 

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Maria Colombo
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