Fix iPhone Error 4013 With Some Effective Solutions

iPhone is one of the most attractive cell phone devices especially known for its handy features and outstanding technology. However, there might be several errors and issues stuck with the device after a certain period of time which is common enough. Among the world of errors, iPhone error 4013 is one of the complex ones that occur while restoring the device. This frustrating error code strikes with an error notice on the screen that says “The iPhone could not be restored”. Several users have reported this error code and they are incapable to settle down the bug.

So, if you are one of those and don’t know what to do and how to, then this article will undoubtedly help you in every possible way. In this context, we will explore all the probable causes and effective solutions to crack this error code in minutes

Probable Causes for iPhone Error 4013

If you get iPhone error 4013 or iTunes error 4013 on your device, then there might be several reasons behind this error. This error generally occurs when you have low disk space on your cell phone device and still you are trying to update your iOS to a newer version. A faulty cable or a faulty port is another prime suspect for this error code 4013. Poor internet connection is another cause for this error code’s occurrence. However, you can effortlessly terminate this error code in minutes by implementing some of the effective hacks that we will elaborate on in the next section.

Effective Methods to Eliminate iPhone Error 4013 in No Time

We have arranged the most relevant methods to fix error 4013 on your iPhone device in minutes. You can proceed through either one of these hacks or you can continue with all the methods until you have the error code resolved.

Method 1: Check the Outputs such as USB Cable and USB Port on your iPhone

You need to check all the output units such as USB cables and the USB port on your iPhone device in order to eliminate this error code 4013. Try different USB cables to connect with the device. You need to check for the internet connection as well. Choose a different wireless connection for your iPhone device. If this method fails, try another solution discussed below.

Method 2: Update iTunes to the Latest Version

As it is mentioned in the above section an outdated version of the iTunes application can result in several errors, you need to update the application to the latest version. Go through the steps below to update iTunes to the exclusive version.

  1. First, if you have a MacBook, turn it On and make sure that you have quit the iTunes application.
  2. Now, navigate to the Mac App Store and click on the Update tab.
  3. After clicking the Update tab, the Mac will start checking Apple’s server if there are any downloads available for the system.
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    If there is any update available, click on the Application.

  4. Now, click on the ‘Download and Install’ button next to the application file.
  5. Download the file and install it manually.

After completing all the steps accurately, restart the MacBook and check if the error 4013 exists. If still, the error code continues on your device, try another solution below.

Method 3: Update the iOS to the Latest Version

If the above method fails, you need to update the iOS version to the recently available one to eliminate this error code. Using an outdated version of the iOS can also result in error code 4013 on your device. Continue with the steps below to settle the iPhone error code 4013.

  1. First, make sure that you have created a backup for all the files and media on your iPhone device so that you can easily retrieve that back after the update gets complete.
  2. Now, tap the Settings tab on your iPhone and locate the General option from the middle of the list.
  3. After that, tap on the Software Update option, from the very bottom of the screen and wait for the device until the search gets complete.
  4. If there any download is available for your device, simply tap on that and accept all the License and agreements for the update.
  5. At last, wait for the software application to be installed, and then your phone will be restarted automatically.

After the update is completed, check for the error code 4013 if it exists or not on your iPhone. If still, you get the error code or the above method fails, try another solution below.

Method 4: Restore the iPhone Directly from Settings

You need to restore your iPhone directly from the settings and there is no need to use the iTunes service to do so. Follow the steps given below to perform the activity.

  1. First, take your iPhone and press the Home Menu button and drive to the Settings options.
  2. Now, navigate to the General tab from the Settings menu and select the ‘Erase all content and Settings’ option from the list.
  3. Enter the password if prompted, and then tap on Erase iPhone.
  4. At last, tap on Delete Everything, and then on Confirm to finish the restore process.

The error will no longer bother you after you successfully complete the restore.


You can go through all the solutions to eliminate “iPhone could not be restored error 4013” on your device. Hope the above article was beneficial enough to assist you on how to deal with this error code 4013. In case, the error still persists and you are unable to get back your phone as earlier, then there might be some other faults with your device. In that case, positively you can consult with an iPhone repair expert and take some extensive technical guidance. Lastly, drop your valuable feedback below in the box to let us know about your experience.

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