Proper Guidance To Resolve iPhone Screen Turned Black And Not Turned On Error

iPhone not turning on is not a new issue for users accessing the iOS devices from quite a time. A large number of users have reported that their iPhone device will not turn on when they attempt to start the device. This problem is particularly common for the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 models. Thus, in order to find a fix for the problem, users usually leave the device uncharged for the whole night. However, it still iPhone screen turned black and not turned on, then it requires instant fixes. Some of the possible symptoms associated with this problem are-

  • The iPhone won’t turn on when pressing the home button
  • The device only works when connected to the power directly
  • iPhone only shows a black screen
  • The device responds with only an Apple logo when it is turned off

iPhone Screen Turned Black|What To Do?

In case you are facing any of the above-written issues, here is a way you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1

Press and hold the sleep or wake button together for 20 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the device screen.

Step 2

In case the above step fails to render the possible fix, try charging the iPhone device. You will need to power it up for at least an hour with the help of a wall outlet. After it completes charging, repeat the first step again to continue troubleshooting the issue.

Step 3

If your iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 fails to charge easily, you need to take a look at the charging ports of the device. At times, in the case of older phones, due to the accumulation of debris can hugely prevent proper functioning of the device. In order to access the charge in total, you need to clean up the charging port. For this, make sure you use a plastic clip for cleaning and not some pointed thing. This may aggravate the situation a lot more and heat up the issue out of proportion.

In case the charging cable is damaged or worn out, it is quite evident to say that you require a new charging cable.

Some iPhone users have also detected that after they charge their device completely and tried clicking the home and sleep button together, the iPhone screens happens to pop up a message. It is basically a call for it to connect with iTunes. If you are seeing this message time and again, you can even try putting the device into recovery mode.
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Step 4

In order to put the device into recovery mode, connect the device into the computer and open iTunes. Once you have connected your device to the computer, press the home and sleep or wake button for about 15 seconds. Make sure that the Apple logo appears on the screen that is again followed by the restore message.

After you see the message, you will need to restore or set up your device.
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You can even set up a procedure that essentially reboots the iPhone followed by an iOS crash. One way to prevent
the issue is by regularly turning off your iPhone at least once a week.

Restarting the device on a regular basis will also help in preventing the issue in older devices. The other aspects to be mindful of is regarding the iOS update. Also keep in mind that if your iPhone model is older than 4S, you will have to wait before you try to upgrade your iOS system. Apart from that, it is also a matter of concern that Apple will not be making the iOS 10 available for the older versions.

Additional Tips

The primary thing that you can do in this regard is to carry out a forced restart option. In this case, the cold reboot will also serve equally well to get back the right solutions out of it. For this, you will have to press the three buttons- volume up, volume down and home button.

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You will have to try this several times and if that does not work, plug your phone back into the slot and wait for some time. You can again repeat the process from the startup by pressing the volume keys. Press and hold the power button and continue to press it until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

The above solutions are also quite effective to work in case of a dead device. Thus, you can try out all the troubleshooting steps right according to the proper fixes and it will fetch out the relative solutions.

Check if the issue is still present after you have completed performing all the necessary troubleshooting steps for measures.

In case you are still facing the issue, may even consider taking the device to an Apple repair center that will allow you to get the maximum solutions for all of your issues.

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