Irql_Not_Less_Or_Equal Windows 10 Issue [FIXED]

Most of the time, because of the faulty driver you can experience the irql_not_less_or_equal Windows 10 issue. Also, due to the registry issue, hardware problem, faulty RAM, you may need to deal with this problem.

Besides that, corrupt files can lead to this glitch. Many times, when you are playing a game on your device, suddenly this error message appears and as a result, it will restrict you from playing the game.

Want to instantly remove this error message? then go through the guide till the end.

Solve Driver Irql_Less_Or_Not_Equal Windows 10 Error with Some Proven Techniques:

There are several solutions that you can try to fix the error. Here some of the top-rated solutions have been provided.

Solution 1- Boot Windows 10 into the Safe Mode

Boot Windows 10 into the Safe Mode

At first, you are suggested to start your device in Safe mode. For that, hold the Shift key and thereafter, tap on the on-screen power button.

Keep holding the Shift key and choose the Restart button. On the next page, click on the Troubleshoot option. From there, proceed to the Advanced option. Next, click on the Startup Settings button.

Furthermore, tap on the Restart option. Wait until your device reboots. Next, choose Safe Mode from the available options. Then check the error status.

Solution 2- Update the Device Driver

Update the Device Driver

If the device driver is incompatible, then there is a great chance for the occurrence of the error. In such a condition, you may have to update the device driver.  

For that, first, open File Explorer. After that, right-click on the This PC option and select the Manage option from the available options. On the next window, select the System Tools option. Under here, scroll down and select Device Manager.

After that, under the Disk Drivers, right-click on the Disk Devices. Next, click on the Update Driver option. Wait for a while as the updating process may take some time to complete.

When finished, reboot your device and check whether the problem has been resolved or not. Unfortunately, if the error still occurs, then have a look at Solution 3.

Solution 3- Remove the Problematic Drivers

Remove the Problematic Drivers

If updating the driver is not working for you, then you are advised to uninstall the problematic drivers. To do so, simultaneously press the Windows and R keys to open the Run box.

Within the Run box, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ as well as hit the Enter key. Now, the Device Manager window will open.
Within the Device Manager, search for the fault driver. In case the driver is having a problem, you will see a yellow mark beside the driver’s name.

After that, right-click on the device name and choose the Uninstall button from the available options. In case, a confirmation message appears, mark the box next to the ‘Delete the driver software for the device’ option. Thereafter, tap on the OK button.

Reboot your device and if you are still dealing with the issue, then move to the next solution.

Solution 4- Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

If there is an issue with the RAM, then it is recommended to run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. For that, enter ‘memory diagnostic’ in the Search box. Don’t forget to hit the Enter key.

Next, tap on the Windows Memory Diagnostic from the menu. On the next window, you will see two options, 

  1. Restart Windows Immediately 
  2. Let the system scan the RAM.

Choose any and if it will return with an issue, then simply replace the RAM. After that, the error message will not occur on the display anymore.

Solution 5-  Run the Hardware Troubleshooter

Run the Hardware Troubleshooter

To fix the hardware-related issue, you have to run the Hardware troubleshooter. Now, to run it, first, click on the Start menu and choose Settings from the list of options.

Within the Settings section, locate and click on the Update and Security option. Then, tap on the Troubleshoot option. Thereafter, select the Hardware and Devices option.

On the next page, tap on the Run the Troubleshooter option. Wait for the completion of the procedure. In case an error is found, then instantly it will appear on the display. Furthermore, choose the problem that you want to fix.

However, if your Windows 10 does not detect an error, then there is no issue with the hardware device. Still, dealing with the issue? check out the below solution.

Solution 6- Check the Hardware Disk for Errors

Check the Hardware Disk for Errors

In the beginning, start the Command Prompt as administrator. After that, enter ‘chkdsk C:/f’ command within the Command field. Press the Enter key.

[Note– you have to replace the C letter with the hard drive partition]

Now, the ‘chkdsk D:/f ‘ will find out and repair the logical issues for which you may receive the error message. Also, to repair the physical issue, you have to run the /r parameter as well.

Solution 7- Use the System File Checker

Use the System File Checker

The easiest way to fix the corrupt system files is to run the inbuilt SFC command. For that, click on the Start menu. Then, enter ‘CMD’ in the given field as well as hit the Enter key.

Now, right-click on the Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator from the menu. Next, enter ‘sfc/scannow’ in the Command prompt.

Keep patience as the scanning procedure might take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. When finished, restart your device. After rebooting all the corrupt system files will be replaced.

Solution 8- Perform a System Restore

Perform a System Restore

This is the last solution that you can try to fix the error. To implement the task, first, launch a Run dialog box. By pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously, you can easily do so.

Type ‘ rstrui.exc’ on the Run field and hit the OK key. After that, the System Restore window will pop up on the display.

Afterward, choose a restore created before the issue. Tap on Next to continue and follow the online instructions to complete the remaining task.

Finally, reboot your system and this solution should fix the issue.

Hopefully, these are the topmost fixes to get rid of the irql_not_less_or_equal Windows 10 issue.

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