Fix iTunes Won’t Play Music With Expert Guidance

When you try to play audios on iTunes, you may find that iTunes won’t play music. Though the progress bar is moving at the top of the iTunes window, you may not hear any sound. It can happen due to the configuration problems or some technical faults. So you cannot fix this issue until and unless you gather an idea about its causes. So let’s disclose the factors which may cause this issue.

Reasons Why iTunes Won’t Play Music

We may fail to play music on your iTunes for the factors discussed below.

  • You cannot listen to any sound if you have turned down the volume of the built-in speakers of your computer.
  • You may have set the volume control very low from the top of the iTunes window.
  • If you are using powered speakers, then the problem can arise if you have not connected them correctly to your computer’s audio port.
  • You won’t hear any sound if you plug in the speakers to a defective power source.
  • You may have forgotten to turn on the speakers and hence, facing this issue.
  • You may use Airport Express for listening music through remote speakers. In that case, you won’t hear the music if you have not selected remote speakers in the Airplay popup menu.
Why Can’t You Play Songs From The iTunes Store?

You may fail to listen to a song present in the iTunes store for the following reasons.

  • You can’t play a song if you have exceeded the number of devices on which you can play your purchases. For example, if the song does not belong to an iTunes Plus version, then you can play it on the maximum of five devices. If you do not deauthorize one device, then you can’t play the song on the sixth one.
  • iTunes won’t play music if your computer is not authorized to play songs from a shared library or playlist.
  • iTunes can’t play AAC files which you have not downloaded from the iTunes store.
  • The device on which you are trying to play the CD may be inappropriate for the disc’s format.
  • You cannot play DVDs which you have already burnt on most common DVD players by using iTunes. For instance, take the reference of a burned MP3 disc. You can play a burned MP3 disc only on a computer or on special MP3 CD players.
  • If a playlist contains a song preview, it stops when the song preview ends.
Why Can’t iTunes Play An Audiobook?
  • You cannot play an audiobook unless you download it to a computer. The download may fail if you are trying to download the audiobook on three systems simultaneously.
  • You cannot play an audible file if it has been purchased by using someone else’s account.
  • If you purchase audiobooks from the iTunes store, you can play them on maximum five computers simultaneously.

Solutions To Try When iTunes Won’t Play Music

You can fix this issue by referring to the following solutions.

  1. Go to the Apple Menu and select ‘System Preferences’. Click ‘Sound’ and check the volume control from the top of the iTunes window.
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    Increase the volume and check the sound.
  2. Disconnect the power speakers from your computer and the power source. Then reconnect it to the computer and play the music.
  3. If you are listening to music through the remote speakers, then open the iTunes window and select remote speakers in the AirPlay popup menu.
  4. Check whether the speakers are faulty or not and connect it to another source of power.

Play Songs From The iTunes Store

Have a glance at the solutions below to play songs from the iTunes store.

  1. Check that you have not exceeded the number of devices or computers while playing the song and make sure all of them contain the iTunes Plus version. If required, unauthorize one device so that another one can play that song.
  2. Upgrade a song which is available for download on iTunes Plus.
  3. Another person may purchase a song and share it in the shared library or playlist. If you want to listen to that song, your computer needs to have the authority to play them. If your computer does not have that authority, you need the Apple ID and password of that person to hear that song.
  4. To play an ACC file that you have not downloaded from iTunes store, choose import settings. Then save a copy of that song on your device in a new format and try to play it.
  5. Play a CD on a device which supports its disc format.
  6. Ensure that you are not playing the DVDs which you have burnt by playing them on other DVD players. Still, if you want to play them then use special DVD players instead of the standard consumers audio DVD players.
  7. If the playlist has stopped with the end of the song preview, double-click on the next song and play the rest of the playlist.

How Can You Play An Audiobook?

  1. Deauthorize one computer to play purchases from iTunes store on another computer.
  2. To check whether an audiobook is a purchased one or not, choose ‘Edit’ and click ‘Audio info’. Then select ‘Files’ and look into the ‘kind’ field. When you purchase the file from the iTunes store, it ends with ‘.m4b’. On the other hand, if you have purchased it from the Audible website, then it ends in ‘.aa’ or ‘.aax’.
  3. To play purchases from the Audible websites, download them on maximum three computers.
  4. To listen to an audible file, find out who has downloaded that file. To do so, select the file in the library and choose ‘Edit.’ Then click on ‘Song Info’ and select ‘File’. Have a look at the owner filed to know the username of the account holder who has purchased the song. Now you need to obtain the password of that person to play that file.

So here ends the procedure on how can you fix iTunes songs not playing issue on your device. Hope they have been helpful enough to remove the iTunes error from your device.

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