7 Methods to Fix Logitech Gaming Software not Opening on Your PC

logitech gaming software not opening

The Logitech gaming application assists you in the manual customization of the gaming controllers and other gaming peripherals. With the help of this application, you can increase or decrease the sound, sensitivity, of the speakers, mouse and others. Recently, a few users have been reporting about Logitech gaming software not opening on their computers. 

Resolving the issue is very much necessary but before that, you must look upon the causes behind the issue. Some of them are unnecessary running of background applications, antivirus firewalls blocking the Logitech application, missing admin rights and more. Now, follow all the resolving methods as they are given below. 

  1. Reboot the Gaming Framework

    Rebooting the Logitech Gaming Framework might help you to resolve the Logitech gaming software not opening on your computer. Therefore, you need to open the Task Manager and search for the Logitech Gaming Framework. Thus, click on it and hit on End Task. Now, wait for some time. 

    You can also close the Task Manager, refresh the Windows Explorer and then start the framework, once again. After that, try to open the Logitech gaming application and check whether it is functioning properly or not. 

  2. Remove the Logitech App

    When you plan to uninstall the Logitech gaming application, it will remove all the files along with the folders from the system drive. In addition to that, it also clears its registry path. Access the “My Computer” or “This PC” shortcut to reach the list of applications, select the app and uninstall it. 

    Reboot your computer to save the changes. After that, visit the official website of Logitech to download the new setup file. Depending upon the OS you use, you have to choose the setup file format. Finish the download and install it. Hopefully, the Logitech gaming software not opening situation will be resolved, permanently. 

  3. Grant Permission from the Firewall

    Logitech Gaming is a third-party application and thus the OS firewall sometimes blocks application access to your system for security purposes. Get to the Windows Defender Firewall option with the help of the Control Panel and find out the list of allowed applications. Select the app and grant permission to it. Press the OK button and close the window. 

  4. Provide the Admin Rights

    The lack of administrator rights can easily lead to the Logitech gaming software not opening. So, the solution is simple. Hopefully, you are having the shortcut of this application on your desktop. Now, run the application shortcut as administrator. 

    If there are no shortcuts, then open the system drive and access the gaming folder with the name of Logitech, you will find the setup file. This is a copy of the original setup file from which you have installed the application. Just right-click on it and grant the rights. 

  5. Renew the Gaming Drivers

    For a better gaming experience, the driver update is important. The gaming drivers are also involved in the update of the graphic drivers. As usual, automatic and manual are the two ways by which you can update the drivers. Updating the OS is one of the best ways to update the drivers, automatically. 

    Visiting your computer’s manufacturer website and downloading the driver setup files is called manual update. Now, proceed based on your convenience. But, you have to make sure that you never miss any driver which can lead to incomplete installation. 

  6. Run the SFC Scan

    When the Logitech gaming software is not opening, several corrupted system files might be responsible. Therefore, the SFC scan might fix the issue. Taking the help of the Command Prompt, run the SFC scan with the help of the sfc /scannow command. The entire process will take some time. When the scan is complete, surely, the Logitech gaming software not opening situation will not occur again. 

  7. Remove Malware

    The presence of malware in your computer can lead to corruption of the Logitech gaming application. Install a genuine anti-malware tool, scan your computer and remove all the bugs. If you keep the malware-affected files in the vault or quarantine, don’t forget to permanently delete them. 

More Information about the Logitech Gaming Application

Basically, some gamers prefer to download the pirated copy of games. This is one of the vital reasons for the Logitech gaming software not opening. So, the gaming experts always recommend people purchase a licensed copy of any game. And, it also comes along with the time-to-time update facilities. 


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