Mac OS Could Not Be Installed On Your Computer [FIXED]

The ‘Mac OS could not be installed on your computer’ issue can occur when there is some problem with the date and time or if the startup settings are wrongly stored in NVRAM. In some cases, when you just turn on the device or trying to reinstall the Mac, then the error message might pop up on the display.

Also, sometimes due to insufficient space, this technical glitch might occur, especially in the case, when the system already has multiple users.

If you are a Mac user and encounter this issue on the system, then it can be very frustrating and annoying. Thus, you need to resolve it as soon as possible. For that, you can take help from this underlying section.

Reliable Solutions to Fix Mac OS Could not be Installed on your Computer:

In order to fix the error within a very little time, check out the following resolving techniques.

Solution 1- Ensure that Date and Time are Correct

Ensure that Date and Time are Correct

First, press and hold down the power button to turn off your Mac device. Once the Mac device is completely shut down, again press the Power button to turn on the Mac.

Next, open System Preferences. Here scroll down and select Date & Time. Check if the date and time are the same as the current time zone. However, if not, then tap on the ‘local’ to make changes. After that, enter the correct date and time. Click on the box next to the ‘Set date and time automatically’ option.

Next, restart your Mac device and check if the error message still appears on the screen or not.

Solution 2- Reset the NVRAM

Reset the NVRAM

To apply this solution first, press and hold down the Power button to turn off the Mac. Wait for a while and again turn it on.

Now, immediately press the Option, Command,  P and R keys simultaneously for 10 seconds. When the device is finished with the Startup, then open the System Preferences and change any settings.

After completion, restart the machine and again try to update or reinstall the Mac OS.

Solution 3- Use Recovery Mode

Use Recovery Mode

When the Mac OS stuck, you can try to boot the Mac with the Recovery mode to restore it from Time Machine.

For that, first, turn off and again turn on your Mac device. Next, press the Command and R keys together until the Apple logo appears. 

Then, release the buttons. Now, the computer will boot into the Utilities. However, if not, then repeat the steps.

Choose your preferred language and after that, click on Continue. Thereafter, choose Restore from Time Machine backup. After that, click on Continue. Then, click on ‘Time machine backups’ and again click on Continue.

Solution 4- Free Up Space

Free Up Space

To check the Mac storage, first, move to the Apple menu and after that, click on ‘About This Mac; option. Now, a new window with details system information will occur on the screen. 

Here, proceed to the Storage tab to view the partitions and Mac storage details. Now, you will see what kind of data uses the space on Mac’s storage.

Choose any of the data and move it to the Trash. Next, empty the trash to permanently remove the data. Restart the computer and if you are still getting this error message, then try the next solution.

Solution 5-  Use Single-user Mode

First, turn on the Mac. If it is already turned on, restart it. Press and hold the Command and S keys together for a while. It will boot the device in the single-user mode. 

Once done, then, use the File System Check (fsck) command for scanning the directory as well as repairing it. So, type ‘Fsck-fy’ key command in the given field and hit the Enter key.

Now, the Mac will scan the storage unit automatically and try to repair it. After completion, type ‘exit’ command and reboot the Mac into the normal mode.

Finally, restart the Mac and hope the ‘Mac OS could not be installed on your computer’ will not appear on the display anymore.

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