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The Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the successor of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The game has both single and multiplayer mode that helps you to gain an awesome gaming experience. Recently, a few users have reported an issue — the Modern Warfare voice chat not working. 

Due to the issue, you cannot talk with the other players. Thus, during a mission, you cannot recognize the enemy troops incoming. A real-time issue, isn’t it? There are several reasons behind the issue. Some of them are temporary malfunctions in the chat, faulty audio devices, outdated drivers. 

Make the Voice Chat Work: Effective Methods

Before you start, make sure the headphones that you are using are working properly. In addition to that, if you have speakers, check for any type of physical damage. Now, let’s move ahead. 

1. The Voice Chat Function: Restart

Modern Warfare voice chat not working due to some temporary issues with the gameplay built-in voice chat. This is a minor technical glitch and you can eliminate it easily. Open the game and search for the voice chat function which is denoted as Crossplay. Disable it and wait for some time. Meanwhile, you can close the game. 

Start the game once again and enable voice chat. After that, set the “Open Mic Recording Threshold” to a minimum. Hopefully, now you will be able to communicate with the other players. 

2. Switching the Audio Device to Default

There might be more than one audio device present on your computer. The system selects such an audio device which you have set to default. When Modern Warfare voice chats not working, you can switch the third-party audio device to the system default. As the system is error-free, this procedure might work. 

Use the “mmsys. cpl” in the run and open the Sound function properties. It’s obvious that the headset or headphone is connected to the system. So, the microphone icon will show up in the “Recording” tab. Make sure that the Microphone icon has a green tick on it, which denotes the default settings. 

3. Eliminate the Access Restrictions 

Not only Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but also other games ask for Microphone access permission. Due to some obvious reasons, you might have skipped that part, as a result, the Modern Warfare voice chat not working. To grant access and resolve the issue, you have to navigate to the Settings, and then to the App Permissions. Search for the Microphone option and grant permission. After that, locate the game in the very same window and enable the status. 

4. The System Audio Service: A Fresh Start over

Temporary system audio glitches might lead to the Modern Warfare voice chat not working. Restarting it might eliminate all the glitches and resolve the issue.

Navigate to the Services and find out the Windows Audio feature.

Select and right-click to get the option of a restart. Close the Services window and check whether the game voice chat is working or not. 

5. The System Audio Driver: Update to the Recent Version

Outdated drivers of your computer will never work properly. Thus, there are obvious chances for Modern Warfare voice chat not working. The process of updating is divided into two types – One is downloading the setup file straightway, and the other is with the help of the Services. You can choose any one of them to update the audio driver. If you opt for the executable file download, make sure you get it from the system manufacturer support page. 

6. Turning Off the SIP-ALG (Firewall) Settings 

If you are using a wired internet connection, then then the SIP-ALG firewall of the router might restrict certain gaming features. And, the Modern Warfare voice chat not working might be one of them. So, you need to disable this function. Navigate to the router dashboard and choose Security Settings. You will get the SIP-ALG option. Simply, untick or uncheck the option, select Apply and save the changes.

7. New Version of System Software: Get the Update

The outdated version of the system software can lead to various types of issues. The Modern Warfare voice chat not working can be a major one. Navigate to the Settings and choose Updates and Security, check for the recent updates. After that, follow all the steps displayed on the screen to download the updates. Restart the computer for installation purposes. Hopefully, when the updates are installed successfully, the voice chat will not face any issues. 

What about Issues in the Game Player Files?

The files of your game profile might be corrupted, due to this reason, the Modern Warfare voice chat not working appears. Therefore, you have to make certain important changes. Navigate to the system drive and find out the game folder. Move on to the user account and open the “Players” sub-folder. Delete all the attributes present in the folder except the “adv_options.ini”. 

You have to open this file with the help of Notepad and make the necessary edits. Find out the “ConficCloudStorageEnabled=1” and change the value to 0. Press Ctrl and S to save the changes and close the Notepad. Now, launch the game, this process will renew all the deleted files. In addition to that, the COD: MW runtime will execute the newly added value in the Notepad. According to the experts, the edit in the Notepad method is most effective to eliminate the issue. 

Opt for the COD: MW Reinstallation

If none of the above processes works, removing the game completely might be effective. Navigate to the Settings or Control Panel. Search and select the game for removal. After that, remove all the system cache files. Hopefully, you have the licensed version of the game. On successful installation, insert the license key to complete the process. In addition to that, during the process of installation, be careful about all the hardware and software that are required to access the game to avoid complications in the future. 

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