Confront Netgear Ready Share Not Working Problem With 4 Easy Fixes

ReadyShare feature of Netgear routers allows you to connect a hard drive to the wireless router and access it from the local network or over the internet. We all know that Netgear routers can perform a variety of functions but technical glitches are also part of it. One such error is Netgear ReadyShare not working. There are various reasons responsible for the annoying situation. The main reason that users reported that when they are using a USB drive, it might not be compatible with the router and as a result, the problem arises. Moreover, the network issue is also responsible for this situation. In addition, a wrong phrase or command in the search bar can also lead to the occurrence of the error.

On that note, if you are also struggling with this situation, then we are here to provide you with possible ways to solve the issue. Here, in this article, you will able to know the simplest way to resolve the problem. Therefore, go through this article carefully.

Simple Steps to Fix Netgear Readyshare not Working Issue

In order to fix the Netgear ReadyShare not working, you need to follow the below mentioned steps. Hence, try the following methods.

Fix 1: Check the Commands

The problem might appear due to entering an incorrectly spelt command in the search box, then you need to check the spelling. If needed, you should also change the spelling. Even after rectifying the letters, if the issue still presents, then the problem might be occurring due to the network issue.

Fix 2: Sort out the Network Problem

Another effective solution is to check the network connection. To sort out the problem you should diagnose the network. To do so, at first, you need to hit the diagnose button and then, reset the router device. Also, make sure that you are using a stable network connection.

Fix 3: Check USB Drive Compatibility

The USB drive that you are using currently if it is not compatible with the Netgear router, it can lead to the occurrence of the Netgear ReadyShare not working issue. Hence, use a USB drive which is compatible with your device and check if the issue gets solved.
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Fix 4: Reconnect USB Drive

With the help of the above methods, if you are unable to resolve the issue, then you should remove the USB driver and reconnect it. The error can pop-up when you insert the USB drive inappropriately. To reconnect the USB drive, first, you need to press the Start button and type ‘Run’ in the search box. Another way of doing this, just open the internet browser and enter the ReadyShare in the location bar. After that, move to the My Network and insert the same in the location, as mentioned previously.

Now, wait for a couple of minutes until the process gets finished, you will find that the issue does not exist in the Netgear router.

On the whole, the above solutions are sufficient in order to resolve Netgear ReadyShare not working issue. If the problem still persists, then you should take an expert opinion. Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding this topic or want to give any suggestions, post them on the comment section below.

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