6 Ways to Fix OpenGL Error 1281 in Minecraft Game

OpenGL Error 1281

The OpenGL is a type of setting in the Minecraft game that makes the game run much faster and more convenient to play. The process generally reduces the load of game rendering on the operating system that you use. But unfortunately, as the expert’s reports say, some of the users are facing a very troublesome situation with the settings. Actually, when the players are trying to reduce the load of rendering, they are facing OpenGL error 1281. 

The main reasons that the experts have pointed out are that some of the game’s third-party variables and other modules are creating the issues. In addition to that, there are also other incompatibility issues. So, you need to go through effective troubleshooting methods that will help you in resolving the matter. 

Before moving on to the solutions, make sure that your computer is free from any type of issue. In addition to that, run the reimage job for your system. And, to resolve this issue, you need the administrator account. So, after starting your computer, log in as an administrator. 

  1. Eliminate all the Shaders

    The Minecraft add ons are generally known as shaders in the gaming language. These add ons are generally used to develop the terrains and fix the settings. When the shaders make a conflict with the other gaming modules, then the OpenGL error 1281 takes place. Open the game folder and access the Shaders sub-folder. Copy those files and paste them into another folder.

    If necessary, you can use them later on. 

  2. Update all the Drivers

    The outdated drivers of your computer can lead to the OpenGL error 1281. As usual, the solution is updating the drivers. The latest version of the drivers is available on your computer’s manufacturer’s website. You just need to input the OS compatibility and download them. After that, install the drivers and reboot your computer to save the changes. 

  3. Turn off the Show GL Errors

    Open Minecraft and access the Options. Now, navigate to the Video Settings and then go to the Others option. Click on the Show Gl errors and turn it off.
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    In case the
    OpenGL error 1281 occurs, the game and the system collaboratively will never show you the notification. Thus, you can easily enjoy the game without any interruption.


  4. Up-to-date the Optifine

    Optifine is a third-party application that has the power to resolve the OpenGL error 1281. It might come along when you install Minecraft. If not, then you have to download and install it separately with the help of the Optifine download centre. After the download and installation are complete, open the application, follow all the on-screen instructions and eliminate the error. 

  5. Update Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

    Minecraft is developed in the Java platform. And, the OpenGL error 1281 can take place when the Java runtime environment is not functioning properly. This might happen when the JRE is outdated or corrupted. So, you need to update it as soon as possible. After the update is done, as usual, reboot your computer to save the changes. Hopefully, now the error will not take place. 

  6. Uninstall and then Reinstall the Game

    Removing the game from your computer will wipe out all the game system files. Furthermore, it will also remove all the registry blockages and other system file congestions. Now, go to the Control Panel or Settings. The ‘Control Panel’ option is for Windows Vista and 7, ‘Settings’ option is found in Windows 8 and 10. 

    Find out where the list of installed programs exists. Search for the game, click on it and uninstall it. After that, reboot your computer and download the new game setup file. The new installation will create all the paths, folders, sub-folders and necessary registries once again which will definitely eliminate the OpenGL error 1281. 

Other Processes 

The JRE packages in your computer might get malfunctioned or corrupted somehow. So, downloading and installing the additional Java packages will sort out the entire matter. You can get them easily on the Java official website. On the other hand, if the mods are of a lower version, then the OpenGL error 1281 might take place. 

In such cases, you need to check the details of your system to match the system compatibility. Open My Computer or This PC. On the top of the three options, you will find the System Properties option.
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Click on it and you will be able to see the details. Now, download the mods with the same configuration. 

Some of the experts say that if any virus enters your system, then not only the OpenGL error 1281 but also other types of errors can take place. That is why a good antivirus will protect your computer and will remove all the viruses. Now, if you say what about the junk files? Then, yes, it can be taken into the consideration. 

These files once support their parent application to run in your system, but after that, they don’t get deleted automatically. So, you have to delete them with the help of any third-party software or by accessing the temporary folder that is located in the system drive (generally C:).

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