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One of the common problems with Outlook is the refusal of the Rules to function. There exist plenty of users who encounter this complication that the Outlook rules fail to respond to inputs that the users execute. Automatically, in that case, the Rules only brings effects when the users tend to hit the “Run rules now” button manually. This technical paper comprises of certain basic and cost-efficient techniques in order to deal with this particular challenging issue. The problem of the Outlook rules not working is an issue which the Outlook users can resolve in a prompt manner. But prior to that, make sure to know a little bit about the Outlook Rules which this article aims to present.

Know More About the MS Outlook Rules:

MS Outlook renders several functions, settings, as well as operations in order to work with and the Rules is one of the convenient functions of all. Now, let us discuss what the rule actually is. It is basically, an action that the Outlook for the Windows processes automatically on the incoming as well as outgoing email messages. The Microsoft Outlook Rules are actually based on the default conditions or the protocols which are arranged by the users. However, Outlook Rules are beneficial since they assist in:

  • Staying Organized
  • Being Up to Date
  • Beginning From a Clean or Blank Rule

But, what if these Microsoft Outlook Rules stops working in an automatic manner, even if they are designed accurately? This Outlook rules not working issue is a condition that signifies corruption either in the Rules or inside the mailbox. Now, this could also imply corruption in the settings for send/receive files of the Microsoft Outlook. However, below are some techniques in order to troubleshoot the Outlook Rules stopped working automatically issue. Therefore, head to the successive section for the measures which aim to cure the Outlook 2016 rules not working problem entirely.

Take a Look at Effective Methods to Fix the Outlook Rules Not Working Issue:

The error is very easy to fix and hence, you must proceed to the underlying procedures. These successive methods aim to troubleshoot the Outlook 2010 rules not working error completely. Therefore, make sure to go through the underlying procedures for treating the issue comprehensively.

Method 1: Rename Or Reset the SRS File in MS Outlook

In order to fix the Outlook rules not working issue and prevent it from appearing time and again. For this, the users have to either rename or reset the settings for send/receive which is the.

srs file. However, the exact default location of the .srs file is in the C Drive, and in there, head to the Users and then Admin. After that, proceed to the AppData and then to Roaming after which, you must head to Microsoft and then to Outlook.

Method 2: Resolve the Corruption Issue Through IMAP Or POP3 Account

In case, you are employing the IMAP or POP account, but the aforementioned methodology does not appear to be helpful in resolving the Outlook rules not working issue, make sure to adhere to the following steps.

  • Firstly, delete the Outlook Rules.

    For this, launch MS Outlook and click on the File tab. Then, opt for the option of Manage Rules and Alerts. This is the procedure to do it in Outlook 2010 as well as in 2013. However, in Outlook 2007 as well as the previous versions, open MS Outlook. Then, proceed to click on the Tools tab after which you must select Rules and Alerts.

  • Next, authenticate the location of Outlook PST. For this, in 2010 as well as the 2013 version of the Outlook, click on the File tab. After that, head to opt for the Account Settings. Then, inspect the Data File tab. After that, click on the option for Open File Location. However, in 2007 and the previous versions, launch the MS Outlook and click on the File tab. Next, opt for the Data File Management. Click on the Open File Location. The location of the PST is exactly in the Outlook Files in the Documents of the C Drive. Then, close the MS Outlook and run Scanpst.exe in order to check the problems in the PST file.
  • Finally, proceed to restart the Microsoft Outlook in order to resolve the Outlook 2013 rules not working issue. Then, make sure to create the rules all over again.

Method 3: Employ the Exchange Account to Fix the Corruption

In case, you are employing the Exchange environment, you can inspect if it functions properly after disabling the Cached Exchange Mode. After that, recreate the rule following the described above. In case it functions properly, proceeds to navigate to the OST file in search of your mail profile. After that, rename it and write .old and head over to enable the Cached Exchange mode again.

In this way, you can resolve the Outlook rules not working complication that your system flashes. The main idea here is to try to handle your problem on your own to get the issue resolved at the earliest.
That is because you can do it for free and in a hassle-free manner. But, if in case, you fail to resolve the problem, make sure to immediately seek expert assistance in order to resolve the problem comprehensively and without any hassle.

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