How to Solve If Outlook Spell Check not Working?

Outlook spell check not working is a very irritating issue which users often face. Spell checking is important for sending any email, especially if it is for official purpose. It corrects the typos, misspelled words, and even basic grammar to some extent. Thus, users take advantage of this facility.

So, if you are among those who face this problem and search for effective ways to solve it, then you are in the right page. Here, we have listed a number of methods which will guide you to solve this error. So, check these out.

What Causes Outlook Spell Check not Working Error?

There can be several reasons responsible for Outlook spell check not working issue. Here, we have listed them:

  • Proofing tools are not installed
  • Do not check spelling or grammar is enabled
  • A different language is set as default
  • Speller Add-in is disabled

Methods to Solve Outlook 2010 Spell Check not Working Glitch

Want to learn the methods with the help of which you can fix Outlook spell check issue? Then, you are in the right place. So, let’s proceed to the methods.

Method 1: Expand Office Shared Features to Run Proofing Tools

So, if you are facing Outlook spell check error, then you can begin with these steps below:

At first, open the Control Panel. And for this, press down the Windows button to get the search bar active. Then, on the search bar type ‘control’ and hit the Enter key.

Now, set the View by section into Category, if it is not already. Once, you have set the View by into Category, now on the Control Panel window, you will get a section as Programs.

Next, click on the link which is present below the Programs section, and that is Uninstall a program. After which, from the installed programs list, navigate to the Microsoft Office Edition and click on it. Now, look at the upper section of the window, you will find an option as Change, click on it.

Then, enable the “Add or Remove Features” checkbox. Next, click on Continue.

Further, from this next window, navigate to the “Office Shared Features” section and expand it by clicking on the add symbol which is present at the left side of it. After that, from this options, click twice on Proofing Tools and select the “Run all from My Computer” option. And then, check if the error gets resolved.

Method 2: Ensure all the Checkbox Settings Under Proofing

This is the second method with which you can solve this Outlook issue. And the steps which you need to follow are:

  1. To begin with, at first, you need to open the Outlook application.
  2. After that, from the Top Tab, click on File which is present at the extreme left-hand corner.
  3. Then, under the File menu, click on Options.
  4. Next, on the Word Options dialog box, you will get an option named Proofing, click on it.
  5. Furthermore, from the Word Options window, go to the “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” section. Over here, ensure that the checkbox beside “Check spelling as you type” is active. And if not, then do it.
  6. Also, activate the checkboxes which are present beside these options to add more features.
  • Use contextual spelling
  • Mark grammar errors as you type
  • Check grammar with spelling
  1. Moreover, make sure that all the checkboxes which are present under the Disabled items are ticked.
  2. Next, from the left-hand side panel, click on “Add-ins”.
  3. Now, scroll down the right-hand side window until you find the Go button which is present next to Manage options box. Then, by expanding the options, set the Manage: as Disabled items and then click on Go.
  4. Under the Disabled items section, make sure that the Proofing is not in a disabled condition.

After following all these above steps now close all the open window. And then reopen the Microsoft Outlook and type something on it with some mistakes to verify if the error gets resolved.

Method 3: Set Outlook Language and Disable “Do not check spelling or grammar”

This is also an effective method for solving the Outlook 2016 spell check not working issue. And the steps to follow are:

  1. First of all, write some text on Outlook. And then select this entire contents.
  2. Next, from the above tab options, click on “Review”.
  3. After that, from the Language group, select the Language option.
  4. Next, click on “Set Proofing Language”, this will open the Language dialog box.
  5. Now, from this Language dialog box, set the language that you want from the list. And also, make sure that the checkbox which is beside the “Do not check spelling or grammar” text is inactive.
  6. Lastly, click on OK, to apply these changes. Now, hopefully, you will not face the issue anymore.

Method 4: Modify the Outlook Registry

Though this is a little risky method compared to others but, at the same time is also effective in solving Outlook spell check not working issue. So, it is recommended before trying this method try the other ones. Keep it as a last resort.

  1. At first, press Windows and the letter R key, both at a time. This will bring up the Run dialog box.
  2. Then, on the Run box, type ‘regedit’ and click on OK.
  3. Now, as you see that the Registry Editor window, from the left panel, click twice on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder to expand.
  4. After that, from the results, double-click on Software> Microsoft> Office> 12.0> Word. (In place of 12.0 folder you may see another numerical value, this totally depends on the version of Word you are using).
  5. Next, delete the word key which you can see at the right-hand side on the window. And for this, you need to right-click on the key at first. And then click on Delete from the available options.
  6. Further, close all the open windows and restart your computer. After you restart your computer, you will regain the Word key automatically. And then, launch the Outlook application and check if the issue gets resolved. And if not, then do this additional task.

Additional Task to Fix Outlook Spell Check Error

To perform this task, again you need to open the Registry Editor window. Now, from the left-hand side panel, again click twice on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER named folder. Then, under the expanding options, double click on Software> Microsoft which is the repetitive step as per this above procedure.

Now the turn, this time you need to click twice on the Shared Tools named folder and then on Proofing Tools. After that, under the list, you will get a folder named 1.0, click twice on it to expand.

Then lastly, double-click on Override, this will show you the Override key at the right-hand side of this window, delete it. And for this, the process is again the same. First, you need to right-click on the right-hand side showed key and then select Delete.

Once you remove it, now, restart your computer and check if the Outlook is able to identify the spelling or grammatical mistakes which you did in a text.

Method 5: Repair Microsoft Office

If none of the methods worked for you, then you can repair the MS Office.

Open Control Panel Window

To begin with, firstly you need to open the Control Panel window. Either use Win + R menu to do so or use the Windows search bar.

Set “View by” into Category

Now, set the View by section of the Control Panel window as Category.

Programs> Programs and Features>> Change> Repair

Next, from the Control Panel window, click on Programs> Programs and Features. This will open up the window where you will get all the installed programs. Now, from this list, navigate the Microsoft Office option and then select it.

After that, at the top of this window, you will get the Change button, click on it. Next, on the screen, you will get two different options for the repairing purpose, which are:

  • Quick Repair
  • Online Repair

You can proceed with the former option, this will help you to repair the MS Office offline. But to select the other one is more beneficial in terms of the repairing process. But for it the internet connection is compulsory. After you make your choice, click on the Repair button to continue.

Now, wait until the process is over. Once the repair is done, restart your computer. Now, check if the error gets resolved.

All these above are the methods which helped many of the users to deal with the Outlook spell check not working issue. Hopefully, this will also work for you.

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