Printer Driver Is Unavailable | Fix With Some Proven Techniques

If you encounter ’printer driver is unavailable’ error message on your screen then it indicates that the driver installed on the printer is either not compatible or Outdated. It also indicates that the driver is corrupted and your system fails to identify it.

So, if the computer fails to recognize the driver, then you will not be able to access the printer and use it for printing purposes. 

How to Fix Windows 10 Printer Driver is Unavailable Problem?

Have a look at the solutions listed below.

Solution 1- Uninstall the Printer

Uninstall the Printer

You should uninstall the installed printer as well as all the related software to get rid of the error. Then, try to reconnect it. For that, perform the following.

Step 1

 First, press and hold the Windows and R keys together to open the Run dialog box. Then, enter ‘control’ in the given field and press the Enter key.

Within the Control Panel, ensure that the View by Large icons is selected. Afterward, select the Devices and Printers button.

Step 2

Now, you will see all the listed printers. Right-click on the printer that is creating the problem and after that choose the ‘Remove Device’ option.

Again, open the Run dialog box and type ‘ devmgmt.msc’ in the input field. Then, move to the ‘print queues’ category. Next, right-click on the printer name and select ‘Uninstall Device’.

In case you remove the printer from Control Panel, then the option might not present. But don’t worry. Enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the Run field and hit the Enter key. 

After that, all the installed applications will appear on the screen.  From there, drop down and right-click on the printer application and choose ‘Uninstall’.

Step 3

Once you have successfully performed the above two steps, then, disconnect the printer from your device if it is connecting through a USB connection. 

Also, if it is using wireless, then disconnect it from the router. Turn off the computer, printer, as well as the router. Also, plug out the power supply.

Step 4

Wait for a while and then start the modules. Also, plug everything back. Connect your computer with a printer through a USB cable. 

Let the system to install the needy drivers. Afterward, proceed to the Control Panel, and, right-click on the device and choose ‘set as default printer’. 

Finally, try to print a test paper and check the printing status.

Solution 2- Manually Install the Drivers

Manually Install the Drivers


In case the above-mentioned remedy unable to fix the problem, then try to manually install the drivers. 

For that, download the proper driver from the manufacturer’s website and store them on the local storage. Temporarily disable the internet connection. Then, uninstall the device. But don’t restart the computer.

Then, right-click on the driver setup that you have downloaded from the manufacturer’s website to see its Properties option. After that choose the Compatibility tab.

Then, navigate to the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode ‘. Here, drop down and select the ‘previous version of Windows’. After that, confirm the changes. Once the installation is completed, then check if the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 3- Manually Install the Windows Update

Manually Install the Windows Update

In case, Automatic Update option is not turned on, then the Operating System is out of date. So, in this situation manually update the Windows driver can be the ultimate solution.

To do so, first, click on the Start button and type ‘ update’ within the Search box and then press the Enter key. Next, choose the Check for Update button.

In case,’ Updates are Available’ options are available on the display, then a dialog box Preparing to Install Update option will show up on the screen. It will display you the remaining percentage.

Wait till the completion of the updating process. Then, restart your computer and this solution should fix the problem.

That’s all about the Printer driver is unavailable issue. Now, apply all the above solutions one after one to resolve the error instantly.

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