Fix QuickBooks Error 103 | Get Effective Hacks To Resolve Error

The QuickBooks Error 103 is an online error that occurs when the software fails to connect with the bank account of the user. Usually, this is caused by entering the wrong login credentials of the bank. 

In addition, the bank may also reject the connection established by the software. This may occur due to unauthorized third-party access. Therefore, you may have to contact your bank to allow this. 

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Online Error Code 103?

Ordinarily, wrong login credentials are the main cause of QuickBooks Error 103. Furthermore, you may have changed your banking login credentials but have forgotten to update the same in QuickBooks

As a result, you will face the QuickBooks Error 103 in such cases. Some other reasons for this error are listed below. 

  • Selected the wrong bank by mistake 
  • Important cookies missing from the computer 
  • .msi file bugs 
  • Wrong configuration in QuickBooks 
  • Wrong internet browser configurations 
  • Network problems 

How to Fix QuickBooks Online Error Code 103?

The QuickBooks Error 103 can be easily fixed by entering the correct login credentials or updating the same in QuickBooks. Similarly, make sure that you have allowed third-party access for your bank’s account.

Also, you should ensure that you do not have a slow internet connection or network issues. Try the following solutions in its proper sequence. 

Solution 1 – Verify Login Credentials 

To begin with, it may often happen that you have simply forgotten your login credentials. You may have been logging into your bank by using the auto-complete feature in browsers. 

Therefore, you need to verify that you have the right login credentials. Follow the given steps to do this. 

  1. Open a secure browser. Visit your netbanking’s website. 
  2. Enter your login credentials without using the auto-complete feature. Thus, you have to manually enter the credentials. 
  3. Open QuickBooks if you can successfully login by entering the credentials. Click on the Banking option in the left column. 
  4. Go to the Action option. Click on View Register or Account history from the drop-down menu. 
  5. Select ‘Connect Bank’ and enter your bank’s name in the search bar. Select the correct bank and login using the same credentials. 
  6. Go back to the search results if you’re facing QuickBooks Error 103. This just means that you’ve selected the wrong bank.
    Choose the next bank from the result and enter your credentials. 
  7. Repeat the above step until you connect with the correct bank. 

Solution 2 – Update Login Credentials in QuickBooks 

You need to make sure that you’ve updated the correct login credentials on QuickBooks. You will get the QuickBooks Error 103 if you haven’t. 

Thus, you can update the credentials by following these steps. 

  1. From the left menu, click on Banking. Here, you will see a small pencil icon.

    Simply click on it.

  2. Select ‘Edit Sign-in Info’ and then follow your bank’s hyperlink at the top of the windowpane. 
  3. The bank’s website will open in a new window within QuickBooks. Confirm the login credentials. Next, navigate to QuickBooks online. 
  4. Here, enter the same login credentials as above and click on ‘Update Sign-in Info’. 

Solution 3 – Reconnect your Bank Account 

You can try this solution if you’re still facing QuickBooks Error 103. First, you have to disconnect your account to reconnect it again. 

Follow the instructions given below to disconnect your existing bank account from QuickBooks. 

  1. Click on Transactions from the top menu. Next, click on Banking. 
  2. Find and select your bank account. Here, click on the small pencil icon next to the account. 
  3. Select ‘Edit Account Info’ and then select the checkbox next to ‘Disconnect the Account on Save’.  

Now, you have to connect your bank account once again. You can do this by following the instructions provided below. 

  1. Again, click on Transactions and choose Banking from the top menu. 
  2. Here, click on ‘Add account’ and type the name of your bank. You can also directly enter your bank’s URL. 
  3. Select ‘New connection’ and sign in using the correct login credentials. If you face the QuickBooks Error 103, then you’re on the wrong banking site. Go back and choose the correct bank and log in again.
  4. Click on Connect to associate your bank account with QuickBooks. 
  5. Finally, click on ‘Ok, I am finished’.
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