Get Instant Solutions To Fix Quickbooks Error 6073

Quickbooks error 6073 generally appears as you try to open the company file on your system. It comes with an error message saying:

“Quickbooks is unable to open this company file, it may have been opened by another user..”

What causes Quickbooks Error 6073

Various factors can be the cause of Quickbooks Error 6073. Some of them are:

  • The company file is already open on some other system in a single-user mode which you are trying to open.
  • The folder storing your QB file is a read-only network folder.
  • A Linux server is used for hosting the files and login credentials of more than one are used for logging into that shared folder.    
  • Someone else is accessing the company file that you are attempting to open with the help of a remote software. And it is being noticed by the PC hosting the company file that the user is still active.

Fixes for QuickBooks Error Code 6073

There are many solutions available for fixing the aforesaid error. And we have listed them below. So, go through and implement them one by one to fix this error in no time.

Fix 1: Run Quickbooks File Doctor

Quickbooks File Doctor is an awesome software developed by Intuit to solve issues with your network and company file. You can download this from the website of Intuit.  After downloading it execute qbfd.exe file by double-clicking and following the instructions appearing on the screen.

Fix 2: Fix QuickBooks Error 6073 Manually

On failure of the above fix, try solving the error manually. Follow the instructions below, in case your company file is opened in some other system in single-user mode:

  1. Firstly, close all workstations Quickbooks.
  2. Open the file on the system that is hosting the QB company file.
  3. Next, go to the File menu.
  4. On the appearance of the list, select Switch to Multi-user.
  5. If you are still facing the same problem, restart all your PCs.

Case 1: If your company file in single-user mode is open on the host PC

  1. Open the File menu of your software and select the option of Close company.
  2. Next, from the menu, click on the File option.
  3. After doing that select ‘Open a company file’ and tap on Next.
  4. Choose your company file from the list.
  5. Next, select ‘Open file in multi-user mode.’
  6. Lastly, tap on Open.

Case 2: If your company file is protected in the network folder in read-only mode.

  1. Observe the PC that is hosting the company file.
  2. Navigate to the folder where your company file is stored.
  3. Once you are able to locate the folder, right-click on it and select Properties.
  4. Next, find the Security Tab and tap on it.
  5. You will find a list of users using the company file, select the ones facing the issue and click on Edit.
  6. After that, select Allow or Full Control.
  7. Finally, click OK.

Case 3: If any user is accessing the PC via other applications remotely

  1. Tap on the taskbar appearing at the bottom of your PC and then choose Task Manager.
  2. Find the Process tab and hit on it.
  3. Next, verify if any running processes exist below the user name showing error code 6073.
  4. If any processes come to your observation, simply reboot your PC.

Fix 3: Disable Backup on Server or Network

Backing up on servers or networks that can scan the local hard drive might prevent access to your company files. Disabling backup or mirroring software can be an option to test and recognize the issue.