How to Fix QuickBooks Error 61 | The Instant Solution

QuickBooks error 61 is one of the most typical errors that usually occur while downloading, refreshing, printing, uninstalling Microsoft Windows, dispatching, expelling, etc.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 61

If you have been confronting this error lately, then it must make you eager to know the causes behind QuickBooks Error 61. Some of the factors responsible for this error are:

  • Virus or Malware Infection
  • Problems in Framework Activity
  • Powercut 
  • Missing Framework or Registry Passage
  • Left out Invalid Section in Windows Registry by uninstalled program or application.

Simple Techniques to Fix QuickBooks Error 61

As now it is quite clear what exactly QuickBook Error 61 is, let’s plunge into some of the easy and effective ways in which you will be able to fix it. 

Solution 1

The easiest way you can fix this error is by running QuickBooks Rebuild Data. Here is how you can do so.

  • Firstly, open the File menu and then navigate to “Utilities and Rebuilt Data”
  • After that, click on Ok and complete the backup process by following the prompts.
  • If you notice an error message stating “Quickbook is not responding” then check if the cursor of your mouse is moving. If it is, then wait for sometimes as the rebuilding process is ongoing.
  •  Press OK, once the rebuilding process gets completed.

Solution 2

If the previous method did not resolve the issue for you then follow the steps mentioned below thoroughly for an easy fix.

  • Navigate to the main menu of QuickBooks and then select the “Charts of Accounts” option. After that, put a checkmark on the “Include Inactive” box.
  • After that, go to View on the menu bar and select the Re-sort List. In doing so, you will see a message popping up asking if you want to return this list to the original order.

    Click Ok to continue.

  • Verify the QuickBook company file again and see if the error persists. If it does, then move to the next step.
  • Make a new QuickBook Account. This will combine the corrupt account with a new account.
  • Lastly,  try to open the company file. If you can easily do so, this means that QuickBooks Error 61 is resolved.

Solution 3

If none of the solutions stated above work for you, it is recommended to try this last solution mentioned below.

  • Launch the newest version of QuickBooks and then Go to File. Choose “Open or Restore Company”  option and then “Open Company File” 
  • Click on Next, search your file and open it. If a message stating Move the File appears on your screen, perform the steps exactly as mentioned below.
  • Note the information provided under “Update Company File for New Version”.Click on Update now and follow the instructions accurately.
  • If a message appears on your screen asking whether you want to open company file using QuickBooks newer version then click on Yes to continue.
    Make a copy of the backup and search for *.qbw files. Now, sign in into your account and select “My Payroll Service”.
  • Lastly, click on Account info.

See whether this resolved the QuickBook error 61 for you or not.

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