How to Fix Runtime Error on Windows?

If you are a regular Windows user, then you might face different kinds of errors while working on the Windows environment. The Windows runtime error is one of the most irritating ones. You will encounter this error mostly when you are trying to run a program. This Windows error generally takes place when you are unable to run a program or application owing to various software or hardware errors. However, the solution to this error is very easy and henceforth, you can fix this issue instantly. Thus, in this informative user guide, you will get to know different solutions on how to fix runtime error conveniently in Windows. There can be several forms of this error and in this guide, we have enumerated the most effective solutions to this annoying issue.

Causes Behind Different Forms of Runtime Error:

Now, you have a fair idea of what is runtime error, so let’s have a look at the major causes behind this annoying issue. Programming glitches can be cited as one of the major cause of concern behind this error. This error signifies several problems associated with the program. Developers identified these glitches long time back but didn’t come up with any suitable measure. Some of the major causes behind this runtime error are inferior quality coding, software programs, infected virus, or Adware or predominance of certain bugs in the code, damaged software, etc.  

Multiple Hacks to Prevent Runtime Error:

Go through the below hacks patiently to overcome the above-mentioned error in one go.

Method 1: Resolve Runtime Error r6034 on Windows

The Windows runtime error r6034 is the most commonly faced error. This error usually pops up when the compiler is unable to create the application that you wish to execute. Although, there are different causes for this error. But you need to be a bit tricky in order to know which code is responsible for this error and accordingly, you should plan on how to fix the aforementioned error. You can perform a clean boot in order to resolve the problem. Go through the under-mentioned steps to fix the runtime error r60344 on Windows by using the Safe mode.

  1. After you boot the PC, open Start and enter “msconfig” in the search box. Now, click on the Enter button.
  2. You will find the System Configuration dialog box. Now, click on Selective Startup option, present under the General tab. After that, you have to uncheck the “Load Startup items”.
  3. You need to examine “Hide all Microsoft Services” checkbox available under the Services tab.
  4. Finally, press the Disable All button and hit OK.
  5. Again, restart the PC and you will not find the repetition of the error r6034.

Also, through a thorough reboot, you can deactivate all the startup services as well as processes that can hamper the program and cause the error.

Method 2: Overcome Runtime Error r6002 on Windows

The Runtime error r6002 is one of the most frequently encountered error by the Windows users. When you link a program to a certain non-existent program, it is not possible for the compiler to finish the program building and consequently it will shoot an error. You might encounter r6002 floating point support not loaded because of the presence of corrupt runtime component inside Visual C++, registry error. The final cause may be viruses or malware. Moreover, you have the option to uninstall the Runtime components of Visual C++ library. After that, you can reinstall it to examine whether the error persists or not. Therefore, go through the under-mentioned steps in order to fix runtime error r6002 on Windows with the reinstallation of the runtime components present in the Microsoft Visual C++ library.

  1. In order to begin, press the Start button and then navigate to Control Panel.
  2. After that, press the “Uninstall a program” option present under the Programs tab.
  3. Now, you have the provision to choose Microsoft Visual C++ packages installed on your system. Then, you need to uninstall them.
  4. After that, reboot your PC in order to check the immediate changes.
  5. Open the official website of Microsoft with the intent of downloading the recent version of the Microsoft Visual C++ package. This should be done after rebooting.
  6. Now, you need to install the package. After that, make an attempt to run the program. This can easily resolve the issue in no time.

Method 3: Get Rid of Runtime Error r6025 on Windows

You may observe this Windows runtime error r6025 when a program performs an invalid function call to a member function which is virtual. As a result, the compiler will shoot up an error during the build phase of that program. You may also receive this error if you haven’t installed the program properly. It might happen that some files get corrupted during the installation process. Want to know more about how to resolve this error r6025 on Windows? Go through the under-mentioned steps in order to combat the aforementioned issue.

  1. Shut down the program by closing the program processes. After that, press the combination of Alt, Ctrl, Del keys in order to open the Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Program processes present under the Processes tab present in the Task Manager. Now, hit on the End processes. After that, you have to close the Task Manager.
  3. Move to the Uninstalling a Program window by following the below path.

            Start > Control Panel > Uninstall the Program

  1. After that, select the program that is displaying the error and click Uninstall.
  2. Remove the respective program files of the software after the process of uninstalling gets over.
  3. Now, hit the Start option and press Enter after providing “cleanmgr” in the search bar.
  4. Select the drive where you have installed the program. Then, hit the OK option. Now examine all the options present under the tab Files to delete and hit the OK option.
  5. Then, reboot the PC after the removal of files.
  6. Finally, reinstall the PC to examine whether the error R6025 pops up or not.

Method 5: Fix Runtime Error With Microsoft Visual C++

Runtime errors are those program errors which the users generally face while executing the program. The reason may vary for these errors based on certain circumstances such as the program calling invalid functions, inappropriate source code, improper installation, frequent virus attacks, missing files, corrupted registries and many more. It ends the program all of a sudden. This creates a lot of vexation among the users. You can get rid of this annoying issue through a proper reboot using Safe Mode. If you reboot the system in Safe Mode, it will only load only the minimum number of files of the operating system. Other unusual ones won’t get executed on startup. Thus, patiently follow the below-mentioned steps in order to boot the PC through Safe Mode to resolve this error.

  1. In order to start the proceedings, restart the PC. After that, press F8 while performing the reboot till you find the Windows logo.
  2. Now, the Advanced Boot Options screen appears in front of you. After that, with the help of  “Up” and “Down” arrow keys, you can easily exhibit the Safe Mode option.
  3. Now, choose Safe Mode from it and finally click on the Enter button.
  4. The system will take some time to boot up in Safe Mode. Therefore, you need to wait patiently for some time.

If you carry out the bootup procedure using Safe Mode, you can easily overcome most of the errors comprising of runtime errors which takes place due to startup services or registry.

Know How you can Evade Maplestory Runtime Error?

This issue generally pops up on MapleStory. If this error appears on your screen, you need to press the combination of Ctrl, Alt as well as a Delete key in order to end the maplestory.exe. After that, you have to restart MapleStory again. After you make several attempts, you can now successfully log in and start playing your character. However, if the problem still persists after you log in, then the root cause may be MapleStory Patch. Therefore, these are some basic troubleshooting fixes to prevent Maplestory runtime error listed below.

  1. First and foremost thing is to download the MapleStory Game client. After that, you need to ensure that it is downloaded fully without any interruption in the midway.
  2. Moreover, you need to download MapleStory Manual Patcher. Download it fully and don’t stop it in the midway. It can download MapleStory v105 to v106 Manual Patcher.
  3. Then, you have the option to uninstall MapleStory. Please ensure that there are no errors.
  4. Reboot the PC.
  5. Then, remove the WIZET folder present under the Program Files folder.
  6. Next, you should install MapleStory to carry on. However, don’t run Maplestory.
  7. Then, install MapleStory Manual Patcher.
  8. Finally, you need to run the MapleStory.

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End Notes

Hopefully, this article gives you deep insight into the effective fixes to overcome different forms of runtime error in one go. If you follow this user guide strictly, you can easily get rid of this irritating issue and make the service convenient for future use. Moreover, you can refer the user guide to have a quick glance. Apart from this, if you find some new hacks to prevent this issue, provide that in the comment section.

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