How to Fix System Service Exception Windows 10?

Windows users usually come across several kinds of errors but, the issue of System Service Exception can be a quite serious one. The problem of System Service Exception Windows 10 is very common for them and can occur due to multiple reasons. This error is a kind of BSOD (blue screen of death) issue which can hit your Windows-based device without any prior warning. Whenever this stop error occurs in your PC, it can generate an additional message along with the BSOD. So, you may observe the notification that your device is running into some kind of problem and it can’t handle the ongoing task. It also urges the user to restart the system in order to resolve the System Service Exception problem.

If you are experiencing this error on your PC, you can check out this article to know the underlying causes of this system issue. It will also discuss some of the best troubleshooting tips and methods for resolving System Service Exception error in Windows 10.

Common Causes of System Service Exception Windows 10 Error:

In order to understand how to fix System Service Exception Windows 10, you need to know about the issues first. Hence, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you are getting System Service Exception error on Windows 10.

Problematic Drivers and Files

If your device has corrupted or damaged system files, graphics user interface and other drivers problem, it can lead to this BSOD error.

According to a majority of Windows users, the presence of files like win32kfull.sys, neti.sys, ntoskrnl.exe, fltmgr.sys, ntfs.sys, tcp.sys and win32k.sys can generate a System Service Exception problem.

Overusing System Resources

On some systems, due to excessive usage of paged tool or resources, the users can come across this Stop error. Also, pay attention to crossing over issues from user-mode graphics driver. As this can pass on corrupted or damaged data to the system’s kernel code and trigger a blue screen of death error.

Installing Conflicting Programs

Any presence of third-party software that can conflict with Windows 10 files or hardware components is also a possible cause. Hence, make sure that your device is not infected with any kind of malware or viruses which can support System Service Exception error.

Issues with Windows Registry Entries

If registry entries are corrupted or your device is running incompatible drivers, it can still affect your Windows 10 and generate System Service Exception.

Watch out for any malicious or buggy Windows Update which you have recently installed on your PC. As this can be a major reason behind causing System Service Exception Windows 10.

Learn How to Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 with Technical Hacks:

If you are frustrated with the problem of Windows 10 blue screen System Service Exception, check out some easy tricks to handle this error. In case, the general fixes don’t work and you are still getting notification about System Service Exception, try the advanced fixes by consulting a Windows professional.

Fix 1- Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

When you experience the System Service Exception error Windows 10, the very first method you can apply is this. Here, you need to reboot your Windows into Safe Mode and do some changes with the startup settings.

Steps to Run Windows in Safe Mode:

In order to apply this solution, hit the Windows logo and ‘I’ buttons simultaneously. Then, open Windows Settings and go to the ‘Update & Security’ feature. After this, click on the ‘Recovery’ tab and view the corresponding information below the heading of ‘Advanced startup’.

Next, locate the grey button for ‘Restart now’ and hit it. This will open a list of options on your screen where you need to choose ‘Troubleshoot’ option.

Then, click on ‘Startup Settings’ after selecting the ‘Advanced options’ button. Finally, click on the ‘Restart’ tab and choose the option of restarting your Windows in Safe Mode. You can also select the feature that allows booting your system in Safe Mode with networking to get rid of annoying BSOD issue.

Know Windows 10 Version

For resolving System Service Exception Windows 10 further, you should be aware of some vital information about your OS. This can include details like its exact version and OS build number installed on your system at present.

Hence, to check this information, simply hit the Windows logo button and enter ‘winver’ in the search field. As soon as you press the ‘Enter’ key, Windows 10 will show you the version and build number on your device’s display. Now, check out the other method which you may apply after booting your Windows in Safe Mode and fix System Service Exception error.

Fix 2- Scan for Corrupted Windows 10 Files and Repair

Missing or damaged Windows system files can be a critical error, which can further result in Windows 10 blue screen System Service Exception. Hence, users can utilize the Windows built-in System File Checker in order to scan their PCs. Running this tool will not only detect the corrupted or missing files but also repair them automatically. Basically, Windows replace these items with cached files which your PC stores for emergency access.

Open Command Prompt to Scan Windows

In order to make use of this program, first, press both Windows logo and X buttons at the same time. After that, press the ‘A’ key and choose the ‘Yes’ tab for running your Command Prompt as administrator.

Once the Command Prompt window appears on your screen, write the command ‘sfc/ scannow’. Hit the ‘Enter’ key and wait for command prompt to execute the command and begin the scanning process. During this execution, make sure that you don’t press any button for restarting or shutting down your system and wait until it’s over.

As you notice the verification is complete by 100%, now, it’s time to exit the Command Prompt window. After that, you can restart Windows 10 and check if the BSOD or System Service Exception problem persists.

Fix 3- Disable Google Update Service from Windows Startup

Many Windows 10 users may not be aware of this fact that the issue of System Service Exception can occur due to enabling Google Automatic Update feature. Sometimes, applying certain updates can change the configuration of system files. Hence, keeping this option automatic can lead to unnecessary changes in Windows OS. So, if you want to troubleshoot Stop error or this blue screen of death issue, you will have to turn it off. To disable this service from running and block it during the startup process, apply the following steps.

Steps to Terminate Google Update Service on Windows

First, press the ‘Windows logo’ and ‘R’ buttons in order to access the Run dialog box. Now, write ‘services.msc’ in the box and hit the ‘OK’ button. Wait for the Windows Services window to open on your display and go through the list of applications.

So, locate the option of ‘Google Update Service’ and view its ‘Properties’ window by double-clicking on it. Then, hit the ‘General’ tab and make sure to select the option of ‘Disabled’ for ‘Startup type’ from the drop-down menu.

Next, click on the ‘OK’ button to save these changes for Google Update and other services and exit the window. Also, you can reboot your computer for these modifications to take effect and resolve BSOD.


By disabling this service on Windows startup, you will not have to be worried about the automatic startup for ‘Google Update Service’. However, if there are multiple services running on your system which can cause System Service Exception, you need to disable them all.

Fix 4- Install Latest Updates for your System Drivers and Windows 10

For those users who are looking for ways on how to fix System Service Exception Windows 10, this can be the most time-saving solution. If the Stop error is occurring due to any malfunctions in the system drivers, try to keep your PC up-to-date. This not only fixes bugs and other technical issues but can speed up your processor if there was any lag. However, make sure that you are using or installing the correct driver version on your Windows 10. Otherwise, it can corrupt the files and make the issue of System Service Exception worse.

Update System Drivers

If you want to try this method, open Windows Settings on your computer and go to ‘Update & Security’. Then, select the ‘Windows Update’ feature and click on the ‘View update history’ tab.

The window will show the list of driver updates which were recently installed on your Windows 10. Once you figure out the drivers that need to be updated in order to fix BSOD, note down the names.

Now, open the ‘Device Manager’ window by typing the same in the search box. Go through the list of installed devices and mark those with the error sign beside them. Before applying any updates, you need to be sure that the drivers have some kind of error. If the device manager can’t detect any possible issues with them, Stop error can cause due to corrupted Windows 10 version.

In case, you see the alert symbol (yellow icon) near any of the devices, right-click on them. Then, select the ‘Update driver’ option and then choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. This will enable the Windows to access the internet or the PC in order to update the necessary drivers. You should now give some time until it searches the updates and installs them on your system.

Update Windows 10

For some reason, if updating the drivers can’t resolve System Service Exception error, you may have to update Windows. Hence, simply press Windows+I keys on your keyboard and open the Settings window.

Then, locate ‘Windows Update’ under the ‘Update & Security’ tab and see if any updates are pending. You can resume the update process or start it fresh by following stepwise instructions from the internet. Finally, restart your PC and look for any signs of Windows 10 System Service Exception error.

Hopefully, this article has given you some clarity on the issue regarding System Service Exception Windows 10. You can try these general solutions and check if it can troubleshoot this BSOD error. However, if you are unable to apply them, you can contact the experts for an immediate solution. They can assist with resolving the blue screen or Stop error by providing advanced solutions. You will also get to learn if it’s occurring due to System Service Exception or any other technical problem.

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