Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error | Quick Hacks

Sometimes when you turn on your computer, you may encounter an error message displaying System thread exception not handled error instead of blue screen issue. It may be frustrating to you, but there is nothing to worry as you can efficiently and effectively fix the error by following some easy hacks. This error may occur due to a BIOS issue and driver problem. If you do not update your driver, you are more likely to face this error message.

Sometimes, the problem occurs due to a particular hardware issue or compatibility issues. There are many other reasons behind the question. But, the main thing that you should do before skipping to conclusions is understanding the problem clearly. If you do not have a clear idea of the problem, you won’t be able to solve the issue.

Probable Reasons Behind System Thread Exception Not Handled Error

Here are some primary causes which are mainly responsible for the error message in Windows 10. Go through the reasons and comprehend the issue at an expert level.

  • If your PC driver is out of date, you may occasionally encounter this particular error message in Windows 10.
  • Due to fundamental input-output compatibility issues which are also known as BIOS also sometimes you may encounter this particular issue.
  • There can be a hardware compatibility issue which may occur and may lead you to the generation of the error message.

These are the fundamental causes which are responsible for this error. However, there are other reasons for the problem as well. But, the ones described above are enough to make you understand the issue clearly. It is suggested not to skip anything before going through the causes in detail.

How Can You Effectively Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error?

Here is an overview of the measures which you can efficiently implement to fix the issue at once. IGo through the steps effectively and comprehend the actions first. Only then you can apply those to solve your problem.

Step 1: Checking The Hardware Compatibility

Sometimes incompatibility issues with the hardware can lead you to the generation of the error and you may wish to fix system thread exception not handled error. During some situations, you may face the blue screen of death and this also may occur due to incompatible hardware in Windows 10.

You may generally encounter this error when you upgrade your Windows to the Windows 10 version. If there is any incompatible hardware installed, you should uninstall that. Otherwise, it might lead you to the point of error.

Step 2: Updating The Driver

You can perform a manual update of your PC driver to fix   in Windows 10. Search the internet and look for the newest and recent driver according to your device. Adaptability is an inherent part. Therefore you should check for device drivers which will be compatible with your machine so that it won’t cause a problem in the long run. Furthermore, check if the problem persists.

Step 3: Checking For BIOS Update

You can also encounter this error due to BIOS incompatibility and also due to a memory conflict in the Interrupt Request. The primary fix method that you can adapt to solve the issue is updating the BIOS. Look for the latest BIOS update and update the BIOS.

From your keyboard, you have to tap on the Windows key along with the R key altogether. This action is done to generate the run box where you can write the run command. Now you have write “cmd” and further tap on the “enter” button. Then you will have to type the required command line which will give you the motherboard model and manufacturer details. You can go there and update the BIOS.

Wrapping Up

These are the steps by which you can fix the error successfully. However, there are various other fixes for the problem as well. But, these are the fundamental and most essential from user’s point of view. By applying the solutions effectively, you can solve your issue very quickly. Go through the steps carefully and resolve your glitches in no time.


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