Video TDR Failure in Windows 10 | How to Get Rid of This Problem

The blue error screen on your computer is actually the video TDR failure. When this happens in your system, the total working environment gets hampered. In addition to that, the saved works that are currently located in the volatile memory also get deleted as well. This issue is generally called the blue screen of death. 

Now, if you encounter any other issues like the nvlddmkm.sys, igdkmd64.sys, or atikmpag.sys, don’t get panic. These three are just the same as the TDR failure, the name of the error differs as per the graphics card manufacturing organization. You will get to know all the details of the issue and how to fix it, here. 

Video TDR: A Brief Approach 

TDR actually indicates Timeout, Detection and Recovery. It’s an important component of the Windows OS. Whenever you get this error, the graphics card stops all of its functions. On the other hand, the OS also stops operating the machine in order to repair the errors in the drivers. And, this type of error has the ability to corrupt the hard disk drive of your computer. 

The Possible Reasons behind the Video TDR Failure 

A common question will obviously come to your mind about the reasons behind the issue. Faulty graphics cards are the primary reasons. Other than that, the outdated drivers, system component incompatibility and overclocking, system overheating are added causes. In order to fix these problems, you need to go through the effective troubleshooting methods that are given below.

  1. The Graphics Driver Update

    The device management section has the option of updating the graphics driver, selectively. Click on the Cortana search box and type ‘devmgmt.msc’. When the Window opens, select the Display Adapters drop-down menu. Right-click on the graphics card name and choose the option Update. Wait for some time till the download and installation process are complete. 

    There is also another option of uninstalling the driver. But, as per the experts, the process of installing the new driver over the outdated driver replaces all the existing files. That is why there is no need to uninstall the drivers. Uninstalling and then reinstalling or installing and overwriting the files, both of these methods will definitely work regarding the video TDR failure. 

  2. Manage the Power Settings

    Depending on which type of Power Management plan you use, disabling the PCI express may fix the video TDR failure. Opt for the Category option in the Control Panel. The Power Options is present in the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option. Now, visit the Advanced Power Settings and turn off the Link State Power Management which is located in the PCI express. Apply and restart to save changes. 

  3. Cleaning up all the Components

    When your computer becomes unusually heated, the video TDR failure takes place. In such cases, you need to clean up the internal part of the computer. If you are not good at it, seek the expert’s help. There are delicate computer parts, thus only an expert can handle the machine better than anyone else. Ask him/her to resolve the overheating issue which will also resolve the failure. 

  4. Replacement of the Graphics System Files

    ATI Radeon or AMD graphics card system file atikmpaq.sys file can become outdated with time. Thus, the video TDR failure takes place. To fix the error, you need to visit the graphics card manufacturer website and download the latest version of the atikmpaq.sys file. From the download location, cut the file and paste it to the system drive program files folder. This is how you have to replace the outdated graphics card system file. 

  5. Reboot the Graphics Driver

    Disabling and enabling the graphics driver is also known as a restart. As usual, Device Management will help you to get to the display adapters. Right-click on it to disable the device. Follow the same process to enable it once again. The restart might fix the video TDR failure. 

  6. Necessary Changes in the Graphics Settings

    After installing the Intel HD Graphics adapter, the dedicated Control Panel is automatically created on your computer. In order to make any necessary changes in the settings, double-click to open the Control Panel and select 3D settings.
    After that, enable the Application Optimal Mode. 

    Your next step will be to set the Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing to Use Application Settings. Turning Off the Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing will change the General Settings to the Balanced Mode. As the section of the 3D is now complete, you need to move to the Video Settings. 

    Apply the necessary changes of the Standard Color Correction to the Application Settings. For example, changing the Input Range to the Application Settings. 

  7. Check the Hard Disk Drive

    As you are facing a critical situation of video TDR failure, checking your hard disk drive might show you the symptoms. In case your hard disk drive has a lot of bad sectors and is unable to hold the files, the blue screen usually takes place. The bad sectors prevent the storage device from loading all the system files to the BIOS

    Using the dedicated function, you have to check the hard disk drive. If necessary, delete all the cache and junk files from the drive and repair the bad sectors. It will be beneficial if you use the hard disk drive manufacturer’s official application to check and repair the drive and resolve video TDR failure. 

What about the Viruses?

Malicious items or viruses are such kinds of files that pose a negative impact on your system. In addition to that, it also restricts the system not to function properly, and thus the blue screen death takes place. The solution is very simple, get a good antivirus. Make sure that it is a licensed version, with a registration key. 

Scan the entire computer, delete the malicious files. There are some anti-viruses that have the ability to repair those files. Here repair means filtering out the virus and reverting the file to its original condition. Always try to keep the anti-virus updated to get all the latest virus definitions. 

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