How To Fix Windows Install Error 0X80300024

Windows install error 0X80300024

Windows install error 0X80300024 is a quite commonly occurring issue often faced by numerous Windows users while installing any version of the OS in their device.

The error code 0X80300024 comes along with an error message saying that “Windows is unable to install to the selected location” and prevent you from upgrading the OS.

This error code mainly pops-up due to the use of unnecessary hard drivers on your device.

No matter what causes this error code, you need to eradicate this error code as soon as possible.

Top Fixes for Resolving Windows Install Error Code 0X80300024:

If you are currently struggling with the same issue with no apparent success, then this post will effectively help you to resolve the problem.

To get the best possible result, try out these methods discussed here until the error code gets resolved.

Fix 1: Remove any Unnecessary Hard Drives

In case, if you found that there is more than one hard drive connected to your computer, then without wasting much time, you need to remove them all.

The hard drive might be interfering with the installation process and prevent you from installing the Windows OS. As a result, you will find this error code along with the error message.

To get rid of this situation, you need to remove the hard drive from your device and try to install the Windows OS again. Now, check whether you are getting the error code again or not.
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Fix 2: Try to Plug in the Installation Media into a Different USB Port

A certain number of people are trying to install the Windows OS from a USB with the proper installation CD. The reason for this error code might be the USB port where the installation media plugged into.

Therefore, try to install the Windows OS by changing the USB port. We hope, after changing the USB port, you will not get this error code any further.

Fix 3: Ensure that the Targeted Drive is at the top of the Computer’s Boot Order

In case, the hard drive which you are trying to install the Windows OS is not at the top of the boot order of your device, then you might get this error code 0X80300024.

To resolve the problem, you need to make sure that the target hard drive is at the top of the boot order. Hence, follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

  1. First of all, turn on the computer and press the F1 or F2 key continuously. Thereafter, click on the BIOS option.
  2. After that, search for the computer’s boot order or configuration section. Most of the time, you will find the boot order under the BIOS Boot section.
  3. Afterward, adjust the boot order properly and then make sure that the hard drive that you are trying to install the Windows OS is at the top of the list.

Finally, exit from the BIOS section and click the OK button to save the changes. After doing so, try to install the Windows OS again and check the status of the error message.

Fix 4: Format the Installation Location

If all the above methods fail to eliminate the problem, then you need to format the installation location for resolving the error code. Though this is a time-taking formula, you should apply the steps mentioned in the section below to format the location of the installation.

  1. First of all, remove the CD tray and insert the bootable Windows Installation Media into your device. Now, restart the system.
  2. When the system wakes up, choose the Boot option from the installation CD. Thereafter, click on the Custom option when asked what kind of Windows installation you want.
  3. Then, click on the Drive option(advanced) and select the drive that you want to format. A confirmation box will appear on the system screen. Click on the Confirm button to proceed further.
  4. Wait until the process gets finished. When you are done, click on the Next button and try to install the Windows OS.

Fix 5: Replace the Hard Drive

Sometimes, you should change the hard drive in case the error code still persists. You might get this error code if the hard drive is already dead.

A damaged hard drive prevents you from installing the Windows OS. As a result, you will come across this Windows error 0X80300024.

In such a situation, you should change the hard drive with a new one. After replacing the hard drive, hopefully, you will no longer encounter this error code while updating the Windows OS.

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