Fix Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged With Easy Guide

Windows is an ever-developing Operating System. Earlier, Microsoft used to release a new version of OS every year but with Windows 10 they have stopped this practice. With the evolution of Windows 10, a lot of new features has been added including a full-fledged Windows Store. It is basically a marketplace for applications. Since it’s new, a lot of bugs are also expected as well. Users are facing errors like Windows Store Cache may be damaged while accessing the Windows Store. This has led to a frustrating experience as Microsoft has locked third-party installation on some Windows 10 version. So users are unable to install any application other than Windows Store. But there is nothing to worry, follow this simple guide to find out the solution.

Before that, let’s delve deeper and understand the reason behind this error.

What Causes Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged Error?

When users access Windows Store, it does not open and offers a troubleshooter to fix the issue. After the initial diagnosis, the Operating System reports that Windows Store Cache may be damaged and further states the issue as Not fixed.

This error can arise from corrupt Windows Store cache. Cache is basically a temporary local file which is used by the OS to facilitate quick output to users. Sometimes the cache is not properly stored with MD5 checksum and breaks the encryption.

Apart from this, some bad patch of Operating System update may also render the marketplace defunct. The Windows Store has lots of personal details including financial information which is used to buy applications. For some reason, the integrity of the system is compromised, so the OS does not let anyone access the Windows Store.

Other than this, incompatible drivers can also be the reason for Windows Store Cache may be damaged error. Drivers are basically the building block of the system. If it’s not functioning properly then it might break certain essential futures like Windows Store.

How To Fix Windows Store Cache?

We are going to look into the solutions through this easy guide. Follow the instructions step by step to fix the error. It’s a straightforward guide so you will not have any problem implementing it.

Step 1: Modify The Cache Folder

As the problem resides in the cache file, it’s better to fix the file directly. First of all, open C drive or the OS drive where all the system files are present. Navigate to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages and you will have a Microsoft Windows Store folder with a serialized key. Open the folder and here you will find LocalState. This is the folder where the corrupt cache file is present.

If the cache folder is already there, rename it to cache.old and create a new folder by the name cache. This will ensure that while opening the Windows Store, it will not get the initial information from the corrupt cache file. Instead, it will start afresh and create a new cache file. Now it should not prompt Windows Store Cache And Licenses May Be Corrupt error while opening the Store.

Step 2: Reset Windows Store

Another way to fix Windows Store Cache may be damaged error is to reset Windows Store. You do not need to worry, it will not change any personal details. All your applications will be intact as it was earlier. Just press Windows and R key simultaneously and a Run window will appear in the bottom left panel.

Now type wsreset.exe and hit enter. It will start a reset tool which will clean the Setup Information File. This is an important step to fix the issue permanently. If this command is not working for you, then you can manually navigate to C drive and open Windows folder. It has all the core system files. Now look for System32 folder and open it. Thereafter, type wsreset on the search bar and it will show a .exe file. Double click on it and let the process complete.

After that, restart the computer and open Windows Store. You should not have any problem now onwards.

Step 3: Update Drivers

Windows is an Operating System which heavily relies on drivers to function properly. To fix Windows Store Cache may be damaged error, right click on Windows and select Device Manager.

Now right click on every device and choose Update Drivers. Proceed with the on-screen instructions and your PC will be updated to the latest driver. Now exit the window and restart the PC.

Step 4: Update Windows

Lastly, if the above steps did not fix Windows Store Cache may be damaged error then you should update the Operating System to the latest security patch. To do so, open settings and go to Update and Security. After that, click on check for updates. If there is any pending update then download the update right away and install the same.

Do note that Windows update takes a few hours to complete, so keep patience while the PC upgrades. Additionally, you can check for cumulative updates as well which has all the security related updates. Make sure your PC is fully updated with the latest security patch.

This is a simple guide to fix Windows Store Cache may be damaged error. Try to implement every method step by step. Surely, the Windows Store will be fixed and you can access all your applications.

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