Fix Wireless Capability is Turned Off on Windows 10

Wireless capability is turned off” takes place when the system detects the inactive wireless adapter. There is no fixed situation regarding the occurrence of the error. It can happen anytime. So, how can you detect the issue? It’s easy. Run the Network Diagnostic and you will come to know about the details. 

It’s obvious this issue takes place due to a few specific reasons — they are faulty BIOS, outdated and corrupted drivers, outdated system software and more. To resolve the issue, there are tried and tested solutions, discussed below. Make sure you go through them carefully to eliminate the issue from the system. 

The System’s Wireless Feature: Turning it on

Before opting for the solutions, make sure that your system is connected to the internet. Without the help of an internet connection, you cannot resolve the issue. 

1. Restart the WiFi 

Glitches in the system WiFi feature might result in the “wireless capability is turned off” situation. Nowadays, computers have the feature for turning on and off the WiFi using the same button. Due to some malfunctions in the switch, the error can take place. If the WiFi feature is already off, wait for some time, and then try to turn it on. If you face the same issue, reboot the system. 

2. Force Shutdown the Computer 

If you are using Windows 10 OS, then clicking on the Power button on the screen and selecting shutdown is the normal procedure. Force shutdown indicates stopping the working process of the device while it is still running. Wait for a few minutes and start the device. Now, try to connect to the internet and hopefully, the issue will not occur again. 

3. Turn off the WiFi, in a Different Way

The Windows Mobility center also helps you to turn off the WiFi. Once you have done it, you might be able to resolve the “wireless capability is turned off” error. Navigate to the Cortana bar and type “Windows Mobility Center”. Due to the system predictive text, it will be easy for you to find the option. Navigate to the function and you will see the set of options like “Display Brightness”, “Mute”, “Battery Charging Status”, “Wireless”. Click to turn off the wireless function. Now, reboot the system and check whether the WiFi is automatically turning on or not. 

4. The Power Management Settings: Vital Changes

Improper or incorrect system power management might lead to a “wireless capability is turned off” error. The current settings of the power management might not be saving enough energy. That is why it has the greater possibility of affecting the functions. And, the function of wireless capability is one of them. There are two processes to set the power management – One is the direct navigation to the power management through the “Battery” icon, and the other is through the Device Manager.
According to the experts, the “Balanced” mode will be perfect. 

5. The Network Drivers: Opt for New and Updated Version

Navigate to Device Management and search Wireless adapter. Right-click on it and select “Update Driver Software”.
The process might take a few minutes to complete. Once done, you need to reboot the system to make the changes effective. Apart from this process, you can download the latest setup file from the system manufacturer’s website. 

6. Network Diagnosis: The Built-in System Error Detection

To resolve the “wireless capability is turned off” error, performing a network diagnosis is indeed a wise decision. Navigate to Settings and choose “Network and Sharing Center”. After that, select “Change Adapter Settings”. Right-click on the WiFi adapter and start the diagnosis. Once done, follow the instructions to implement the necessary steps and resolve the error. 

7. Basic Input Output System Update

BIOS initializes the hardware of the system. In addition to that, it also helps the OS to boot up. Get along with the dedicated motherboard application. If you have got any driver disc, install the dedicated motherboard application. This application will provide you with the option to update the BIOS. Hopefully, the newly updated BIOS will resolve the situation – “wireless capability is turned off”. 

What about the Windows Update?

If none of the solutions works, then update the system software to its latest version. The update process might take some time. After that, you have to restart your system to install those updates. This procedure has a fair chance to resolve any issues going on with your system. 

Taking the System Back in Time

It seems that you are facing a wireless issue just after installing any third-party application. Then, restore previous settings. This means rolling back the system to the situation when the wireless feature of your system is not facing any issue. This process will only work when the issue is still persisting even after uninstalling the third-party application. 

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