Ways To Fix Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B

Microsoft unveiled an online multiplayer gaming in the form of Xbox Live, that is well equipped with digital media delivery services. It helps you to join the greatest gaming community, with the games that can help you to unlock your gaming skills and at the same time allows you to communicate with your friends. But all these require a small advancement, that is you need to create an account and log in, to access the games that you love. However, having all these top notched features does not mean that Xbox Live is free from technical glitches. You can confront real-time problems without any prior notice. Among all the problems “Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B” tops the list.

This problem occurs when you try to create a Microsoft account but fail to do so. This message simply warns you that, you are using a non-Microsoft email address that is not yet verified.

Now, to end this problem at the earliest you have to look for effective solutions. This is where this article proves to be beneficial enough. Here, you get a vivid idea about the error and how to combat it with three easy steps.

Fixed Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B with Effortless Methods

Here, in this section, you get to learn about the means and methods that can help you to eliminate this error message from your device. The solutions are more than easy to perform and you can easily apply them even if you are not accustomed to the technical background. So, let us have a look at the methods.

The most primary hack that can help to eliminate minor glitches is system reboot and restarting the application.

The results may vary from device to device but it is indeed a wise option to go for before proceeding towards a much-advanced procedure.

So, all you have to do is close the Xbox Live application and turn Off the device. Wait for a minute and then restart the system. Click on the application and enter the credentials that are required to log in. If you fail to log in and instead of, a message “The email address associated with the MSA has not been verified” appears, then it is a clear indication that you need to go for the next alternative.

Method 1: Verify the Non-Microsoft Email Address

If you possess a non-Microsoft email address, then you need to validate your email ID. This process is highly mandatory while you are setting up a new Xbox account. If you have skipped the steps back then, then now, you have to verify the account to gain access to Xbox Live.

Whenever you try to access any Microsoft based product with a non-Microsoft account, it automatically sends a request to that email for you to verify, whether you have the right address or not. You just have to follow the verification link in the email. However, if you need a new verification email, then go for the steps given below:

  • Sign in to “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft” and try to locate a Verify button. In general, it will be beside any unverified aliases.
  • Simply check for the email address you are trying to use and click on Verify. Finally, click on ‘Send email’ and wait till the process gets accomplished.

Now, try to access the Xbox Live and note if the Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B reappears or not.

Method 2: Create an Outlook Account

If you do not have access to your non-Microsoft account and thus unable to validate it, then under these circumstances you have to create a new Outlook account. Using this new Outlook account you can eradicate the Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B within a flicker of time.

Follow the steps that are listed below to go through this resolution:

  • At first, you have to launch the Xbox application and locate the Menu bar. On the Menu bar, you will get a ‘Social’ Option, choose it and wait till it comes into view.
  • Then, select ‘Join the fun’ option, placed under the Xbox Live section.
  • Now, you will note that a new page will come up where you will be asked to Sign-up. Click on the ‘Sign up’ option, and then follow the onscreen instructions to create a new Xbox  Live account. You will be asked to fill up a form asking for all the detailed information, try not to commit any typo error. When the whole procedure completes, you will note that your account Xbox Live has been activated.

However, if this process is unable to fix the Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B, then there is certainly a fault within the Xbox application. Keep reading this article to learn more easy and simple methods.

Method 3: Check the Xbox Live Connection

To ensure that there is no faulty connection, you need to test the connectivity. Simply, press the Guide button on the controller. Otherwise, you can also go for the Xbox button in the centre of the controller. This will lead you to the Settings window, from there select System Settings.

Now, locate and click on the Network Settings. When prompted, you have to select either a wireless network or any wired network, as per your preference. Now, try to locate the ‘Test Xbox Live Connection’ option. As soon as you click on it, a dialogue box will appear asking your confirmation, select YES. Additionally, you may even get a notification to update the console software.

Proceed as directed through the on-screen instructions and when done, you will note that you are successfully connected to Xbox Live. This will definitely fix the Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B error.

(Note: You can also try to reach out to your ISP to help you get secured and stable internet connectivity. Further, try to choose a suitable data package, so that you can continue enjoying the gaming experience without any hindrance)

Final Recommendation

Now, after applying all these effortless resolutions you can add a family member to your Microsoft account on Xbox Live and enjoy the game. To avoid these errors in the future, you are highly recommended to clear the accumulating cache files in a timely manner.

And also, try to keep enough memory space for recent downloads by deleting old data.

If you have any queries regarding the Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B error, then you can post about it and at the same time share your experience through the feedback box. Stay connected with this page to perceive more useful hacks in order to eliminate abrupt technical glitches.

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