Fixed Verizon Wireless Error Code 97

Verizon Wireless is an organization that deals with telecommunications technology. This company provides us with many wireless services and products. Although some of the wireless products are good, even then you might get some error. One glitch that you might end up with is the Verizon Wireless error code 97. This problem can appear when a user attempts to send a message to some recipient. There are some basic reasons for the occurrence of this issue, such as if the network signal is low or weak etc. When the SIM card present inside the cellphone is not correctly inserted, then you can get this problem. When the Internet Protocol configuration settings are not set correctly, then you can encounter this issue. Moreover, if the VZAccess software is outdated, then there is a possibility to meet with this glitch.

Methods to Eradicate: Fixed Verizon Wireless Error Code 97

This is the section that gives you various answers which will help you to eliminate this problem in a simple and easy manner.

Steps to Inspect the Network or Signal Strength

If the strength of the network or signal is not up to the mark or low, then due to that reason you might encounter with the Verizon Wireless error code 97. Now, the only solution to rectify this problem is to locate an area, where there is an abundance of network strength. In other words, move to an area, where the signal strength is high enough. Now, if the signal in the current place is strong and still this problem pops up then, examine the receiver of the network on your mobile. It might be that the signal receiver is malfunctioning. If it is so, then either repair or replace it. Once everything is sorted, attempt to send a message to anyone and see if this problem comes up or not.

Start the VZAccess Application once again

The VZAccess Manager is a software created by Verizon that helps users to access the internet from a variety of devices like desktops and laptops. Basically, what this program does is it uses the data and access point present on the phone to get to the internet. Since, the VZAccess application cache memory holds up large amount junk files during its usage, therefore sometimes due to no space within the memory, you can get this issue. So, now the solution to resolve this glitch is to perform a simple restart of the VZAccess application, which will clear the cache memory. Here are the steps to perform it.

  • First, be sure that the application is open and then, attempt to send a message to a receiver.
  • At this moment, if this error comes up, then simply close the program on the machine.
  • Now, locate the VZAccess icon on the desktop and double-click on it to start. As soon as the software launches, then again try to send a message from it and see if the error comes back or not.

Perform an Update of the VZAccess Application

When the VZAccess software present on your machine is obsolete, then by restarting it only will not help you to rectify the Verizon Wireless Error Code 97. The solution to rectify this problem is to update the VZAccess software. Follow the below steps in order to do it.

  • First, locate the application VZAccess on the desktop, and then double-click on the icon to open it.
  • Once the software shows up then, you will get a prompt where enter the PIN on the correct field and tap on the button ‘OK’. The default PIN of this application is ‘1111’.
  • Now, within the application window, locate the menu present at the upper portion and then, from the popup list, select the ‘Options’ option.
  • Next, there will be a sub-option list, from it select ‘Preferences’. This will launch a new window that has the same name as the sub-option chosen on the last line of the previous step. In that window, go to the left panel and select the option ‘Firmware Update’.
  • After that, go to the right page and choose the button ‘Check for Updates’. As soon as you do this, then the software will search for any updates automatically.
  • If there is an update available, then just follow the on-screen information and update the same. Once the process of update gets over, then press the ‘OK’ button.
  • At last, restart the computer and then, after the boot process, open the VZAccess software and send an SMS to someone to see if this issue reappears or not.

Verify the Internet Protocol Configuration Settings

You can get this error if the configuration settings of the Internet Protocol is not set correctly. The solution to fix Verizon Wireless error code 97 is to inspect the configuration settings of your IP. To do that, follow the lines below.

  • First, tap on the ‘Cortana’ logo present on the taskbar beside ‘Windows’ logo.
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    This will open the search area.
  • On this search space, type the text “command prompt”. After that, from the result of this search, locate the option ‘Command Prompt’ and right-click on it.
  • Then, from the popup menu, select the sub-option ‘Run as Administrator’. Now, this launches a new window with the black background called ‘Command Prompt’.
  • Within this window, type the following command – “ipconfig” and then, press the ‘Enter’ button. This command gives the settings for the Internet Protocol configuration as its result.
  • If some alteration is needed, then contact the ISP and accordingly do it. After that, test if after sending an SMS whether this problem pops up or not.

Re-Insert SIM Card

When the SIM card is not inserted in a correct manner, then for that reason you might get into this problem. Also, if the SIM card itself has a manufacturing defect, then there is a chance to meet with this very problem. Now, in order to remove this issue, the simple solution is to insert the SIM card once again correctly. To do that, follow these steps underneath.

  • First, turn the cell phone Off.
  • Next, take out the SIM card from its place carefully, without touching the connector and keep it aside for three to five minutes.
  • After that, when the time is over, insert the SIM card back to its place properly.
  • Power up the phone and first see if it receives any signal or not.
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  • Finally, if it gets a full signal, then again try to send a message to anyone and check whether this error shows up or not.


If you are unable to solve the Verizon Wireless error code 97 easily, even after following all the points mentioned in the above section, then worry not. Provide the intricate details of the problems that you have faced while trying to fix this error on our comment section, below this page.

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