Forgot Gmail Password: Learn How To Fix

Forgot Gmail password? And searching for the way how you can recover it? Then, you need not research any further. Here from this article, you will get to learn the effective way by which you can fix the matter. Nowadays, there are many services available online and to utilize those services setting a password is mandatory. And this is the reason why everything gets complex day by day. But the good thing is that if you have forgotten your Gmail password, then you can recover it with a few simple steps which you can learn from this article. So let’s not waste time and dive into the steps as explained below.

How to Recover Gmail Password?

Are you getting worried for the case that you have forgotten Gmail password? Then, let me clarify you that you are not alone who has stuck in this situation. There are many Gmail users as well who have already dealt with it. And also able to fix the matter with the help of the simple steps. So check out the steps as given below.

But, before you proceed with the steps, it is better to check if your internet is working properly. This is because the internet is the primary need to deal with any problems with the Gmail account:

  1. At first, launch a browser of your choice, which works well.
  2. Then, using the browser navigate to the Gmail official website. And at the top of the right-hand side of the Gmail official page, you will find an option as “Sign in”, click on it.
  3. Next, on this open window fill up the “Email or phone” box, with your complete email address, which also includes the domain name at the end. That is
  4. After that, click on Next, this will navigate to the password section window. Here you will get a link as “Forgot Password?” in the left-hand side, click on it.
  5. Now, check all these below steps to solve the forgot Gmail password issue.

Step 1: Solve with the last Password you Remember

Once you click on the “Forgot Password?” link, you will get the box active which will ask you to enter the last password that you remember. In case if you remember, then enter that in this box and click on Next. If the password you enter here is correct then you can reset your new password. Further, you need to go through the instructions to recover your Gmail account. This is the first step by which you can fix the matter.

However, if the case is that, that you have entered the wrong password this time as well, then, the process you need to follow is as explained below.

Step 2: Enter your Mobile Number which is Registered with your Gmail Account

If you fail to solve the forgot Gmail password matter with the first step then in the next window it will ask you “Do you have your phone?”. To start this step it is important that you have the phone with you so that you can proceed with the further stages to recover your Gmail account password using this procedure. In this next stage click on Yes, if you have the phone in your hand. Or else click on the “Try another way” link. Here in this step, we assume that you have the phone with you, So, we proceed by clicking on the “Yes” button.

After you click on the “Yes” button, you will get the “Get a verification code” section window open with a space of entering your phone number. Once you enter your 10 digit phone number, click on the “SEND” button. Now, you will get the window open with two options of “Get a verification code” from Google which is as below:

  • Send text message
  • Get a call

Now, after selecting any of these choices, you will get the “Enter a verification code” window open. On this window, you need to enter the verification code, which you get in your phone number. And then click on the Next button. If everything goes well, then now you can reset your Gmail password following the on-screen instructions.

In case, if your phone is not present with you then you need to follow the undermentioned steps:

Step 3: Enter the Month and Year when you Create this Account

If all these above two steps did not work for you in solving the forgot Gmail password then keep hope on these steps below:

As if you do not get help by providing your phone number to solve the issue then the Gmail page may navigate you to the window where you need to provide the month and year in which you have created this account.

Alternatively, if you do not want to fix the matter using your phone number that is as in Step 2 then you need to click on the “Try another way” or “I don’t have my phone” link, whichever you get. Then this will navigate you to the Account recovery page.

In this page, you need to enter the “Month” and the “Year” when you create this Google account. After that, click on Next and follow the displayed instructions to reset your Gmail account password.

Still, if you are stuck with the issue even after you have already try this step, then proceed further.

Step 4: Try Recovery Email to Fix the Forgot Gmail Password Issue

This is the other way which you can proceed with to resolve the Gmail password forgetting issue. Check it out:

If you click on the “Try another way” or “I don’t have my phone” link as said in the above step then the Gmail will help you to try a different way to recover the password. And that is it will navigate you to the Account recovery window where you need to enter a recovery email address to get a verification code, with the help of which you can recover this Gmail account.

After you enter the recovery email address, in the space specified for it then click on the “SEND” button, to do it. The recovery email address need not be a Gmail account, it can be other as well.

Once you click on the SEND button after entering the recovery email address, go that email address. On the recovery email, you will receive a verification code, with the help of which you can recover your Gmail account of which you forgot the password. You can note down this verification code from the recovery email address, for further steps.

However, if you do not have a recovery email address, in that case, you need to click on the “Try another way” link which you will get at the left corner of the Account recovery window.

Now, on the Gmail Account Recovery window type the verification code and click on Next and follow the onscreen instructions to get the problem fixed.

Step 5: Recover Gmail Password via Answering the Security Question

You can resolve the forgot Gmail password problem by answering the security question which was added to your account. And you will navigate to this section if you click on the “Try another way” link as mentioned in Step 4.

Now, on the window, you will see the security question with a box below. In this box, you need to answer it correctly, as was saved by you for the question earlier. After that, click on “Next” and go through the on-screen instructions to reset a password.

All these are the options for you from the Gmail side, for solving the matter if you forgot Gmail password.

Ways to Avoid Forgot Gmail Password Issue

These below are the ways with the help of which you can avoid forgetting password matter of Gmail.

  • If you maintain to log in to your Gmail account every day manually without saving it to your device, then hopefully, you will not be stuck with the forgot password situation for your Gmail account.
  • Save the password for your Gmail account, which must satisfy all the requirements which the Gmail team set. As well as the password must be quite simple for you to remember.

That’s all about the topic of how to solve forgot Gmail password issue. Hopefully, after a thorough study to this article again you can use your Gmail account without any problem.

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