Something Challenging for Everyone: Funky, Fun, and Free Sites That Will Enrich Your Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Out of ten people, only three people will say that their favorite subject is math. And that is because it is not for everyone. Math is one of the delicate, risky, and problematic subjects to exist in this world. It has all the basic components that will make people turn a blind eye when seeing it. It has numbers and complicated formulas that will send you spiraling into oblivion.

But now that we are continually evolving, we can cope with these complicated ideas and notions. It’s a good thing that the internet, which exists, means that even the youngins can learn and adapt to modern mathematical dilemmas at a young age. What could be more cool and spectacular than that?

Through the availability of these cool math games online, it is easy for children to be immersed in the world of numbers and signs and improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Tons and tons of sites will give you the satisfaction and the fun you deserve, and that is all for free.

With this compilation, you will be introduced and welcomed into the other side of the internet where you can geek about games that will absolutely leave a mark on your mind. So sit tight and sharpen your brain. These sites offer a lot of games that you can enjoy and a great pastime.

CoolMath Games

The name is a great introduction and summarization of what you will find on this site. This site offers a wide array and wide selection of games starting math, science, physics, strategy, and even logic. When talking about cool math games, CoolMath will surely take the spot it deserves. This is where logic and fun meet. It will keep you engaged and also expand your knowledge.

CoolMath games are not your typical site. They pride themselves with its fantastic and excellent features that will shame everyone that will come on their way. The notion and idea that you can customize or change the name, the avatars, and it allows you to draw too. When you think all CoolGames offers, I suggest moving aside because they are coming for everyone. 

They can teach the basic math concepts, and its free educational games will put them on edge. Their site is purely educational and fun, from joyful physics to ecstatic strategy puzzle games. They have it all and then some.  So, if you are looking for a site that will help your knowledge blossom, then this is what you are looking for.


Its name might be on the throat of what it can offer, but the thing is ABCya! Have some secret weapons in their pockets that will make you drop your jaw. Learning never stops; that is why you can expect a lot of things from this site, from games to educational videos. The wonderful thing with ABCya! is the fact that grade levels organize its site.

This site will help develop your children’s learnings, improving tons of skills since the site has games that are beneficial from grammar games, word clouds, multiplication, and a lot more. You can also guarantee that it is worth it and fun. Though, some games on the site need guidance in order for the children to understand what the instruction is talking about.

One of the best and the top games of their site is the Feed Me Fractions, Christmas Lights Math, Adventure Man, and the Counting Quest. Some of its features are the fresh content that is updated monthly, the organization of their content, the 250 games, and counting. So, at some point, if you are looking for some fun stuff to help your children have some good time and learn, then why not take a look at ABCya!

PBS Kids Games

For fun and games, PBS Kids Games will always be present. With their collection of over 100 games, surely they can entertain tons of children, and everyone could have the games that will speak to them. Also, its significant aspect is that they have this kind of thing here where they allow children and kids to explore some math concepts.

Their games are based on the abilities and capabilities of the players. With their child-friendly user experience, you can assure that your kids or children will have the time of their lives. And the thing is they could have too much fun and yet gain an array of knowledge. As a parent, what could be more rewarding than that?

The title of the site says it all. Their exciting and wide range of games, you can put your mind at ease. also has a printable worksheet. Pretty cool, right? Talking about extra, takes pride in its free site. There will be no charges or shenanigans that you need to look after. 

All MathGames want is making learning amusing, relaxing, and accessible to everyone. One of their extraordinary and incredible games is Math Slither, King of Math, and Math Invasion. These games will pin and pose a smile on your kids’ faces and plant wisdom on your children’s brain. This site is a win-win solution for everyone.


What CrazyGames has in its pocket is that it is accessible to any divides, whether in a laptop, mobile phone—android or iOS—tablet. There will be no installation needed since you can play it directly on the website. CrazyGames also has a multiplayer feature in which you can play with your friends.

The remarkable thing about this website is its wide variety of high-quality games that you can engage yourself in. And a bonus with this is that they update this site every day to provide a more captivating and exciting experience to its users. 


Learning will always be a part of growth. With the advantages of having technology in this day and age, it is engrossing and a significant step towards greater wisdom. With this site to provide your kids or children with fun, new learning is just everything.

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