Having Security Issues on Windows 10? Microsoft Advices to Turn it Off and On Again

Windows 10 Pro version users are now facing a new problem on their PC. The issue is all about security glitches in the Operating System. After reporting this problem to Microsoft, they have analyzed and came up with a solution. The software giant is telling all the users to turn on and off all the security features repeatedly. 

More additional reports have stated that not only in Pro but also all the Enterprise version users are also facing the same problem. The symptoms are error messages in your security applications, sudden interruptions while downloading the updates, and many more. 

What went wrong?

The security issues of Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users begin for 1903, 1909, and 2004 versions. As you know that the default Windows security software is Windows Defender, people are witnessing various pop-up error messages. After detailed research, experts have seen that the message is coming from the application guard sandbox. 

In some cases, it happens that the application fails to start. As the application is creating the problems, it is quite dangerous for you to open the default browsers like Internet Explorer and Edge, and surf the internet. Hijackers will easily penetrate your computer and steal your valuable data. 

The Role of Sandbox

Windows Sandbox helps users by providing an isolated virtual machine. Whenever you install any third-party applications, the sandbox tests the applications in the background. The sandbox is an essential part of the OS for home and business purposes. 

So, the main problem users are facing that the sandbox is refusing to open. Sometimes, it is also showing a message like ‘file not found’.

With perfect analysis, experts have suggested that this problem is occurring after a Windows update.

Microsoft Says,

The tech giant has reported that they are currently working on this problem. After analysing the solution, they will provide the fixes in the next Windows update. Somehow, the patch update that was released this month and it has no sign of repair.

So, in this case, you have to continue turning on and off the security applications.

Did the Security Issues initiate due to Windows Update?

Several experts are predicting that this issue can occur due to the Windows update. Moreover, they are also suggesting that incomplete updates, corrupted update files can be the reason behind this issue. So, it is better that you complete the Windows update. Before downloading the updates, make sure that you have enough space in the system. 

Those free spaces will help you to install the updates. After that, access the “Settings” and check for the available updates and download them. The elapsed download time depends on the speed of your Internet connection. If any external storage is attached to the system, disconnect it before installing it.

While the download process is going on, make sure that your system faces no interruptions. If this happens, then the update files will get corrupted. During the installation process, don’t turn off your computer as this will lead to incomplete installation of the update files. Sometimes there might be bugs in the update releases. These buggy updates can only be resolved with the next update released by Microsoft.

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