HBO Now vs. HBO Go: An In-Depth Comparison

We all know HBO for the top-tier media content that it produces. Some of these contents are well-made shows and comedy specials. Of course, HBO does not run out of remarkable films that all of us look forward to every single day. HBO used to be a TV channel that needed a Cable TV subscription to access, but now, HBO is more than just a Cable TV channel.

HBO brings HBO Now, and HBO Go for its users. They are both streaming platforms coming from HBO, and it should give users on-the-go access to the top-tier media content from HBO. Here are some of the things that HBO users need to know about these two platforms. Which one should you get between HBO Now and HBO Go?

What Is HBO Now?

Before we go on the HBONow vs HBO Go review, let’s dissect them one by one. HBO Now is HBO’S new streaming service that gives you any favorite TV shows and series, movies, documentaries, and other specials from HBO. HBO Now is a new standalone streaming service, so accessing it will not require any cable subscription. HBO Now is the ideal choice in comparison with HBO Go for those who do not want a cable subscription but demand access to their favorite TV shows.

HBO Now is accessible through the app, or you can open it through your desktop. Please note that this streaming service is only available in the U.S. and the other U.S. regions and territories. 

What Is HBO Go?

If HBO Now is a standalone streaming service, HBO Go is the sibling that requires a cable subscription. These two streaming services from HBO generally have the same content when you compare it side by side. However, HBO Go comes in pre-included with an HBO subscription through your cable provider. 

HBO Go also works the same as HBO Now and should be able to give its users access to any HBO content while being away from the TV. Please note and remember that can access and avail HBO Go, you are going to need an existing HBO subscription. Users can download HBO Go from the App Store or Google Play.

HBO Now Vs HBO Go: Side By Side Comparison

There are quite significant differences between HBO Now and HBO Go. We’ve managed to provide you a side-by-side comparison to help you decide on which HBO streaming service to avail.


One of the most notable differences between HBO Go and HBO Now is the difference in pricing. HBO Now comes in with a fixed subscription fee of $14.99 a month. This subscription fee should generally work the same as other streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and more. For HBO Go, it’s a bit tricky, and it differs in some areas.

Since HBO Go comes free with an HBO subscription, the price of this streaming service will depend on your cable provider. You can avail of an HBO subscription for $5 a month. However, the price may skyrocket all the way to $20 in some cable providers. COMCAST provides an HBO subscription for $19.99 a month, and providers like DirecTV offer it for only five dollars a month.


From a content standpoint, both streaming services are generally the same. Subscription to either HBO Go, or HBO Now will entitle you to unrestricted access to HBO’s content library comprising films, specials, and documentaries. It is safe to conclude that content is not an issue or a deciding factor between these streaming services.


These two HBO streaming services have quite a difference in terms of access. For HBO Now, users can log in on multiple devices at the same time. However, a total of only three users and devices can stream content at once. For HBO Go, users can also sign in on multiple devices but can only stream on two devices at once.

HBO Go has the edge in offline downloads as it gives its users the ability to download content and stream said content offline. You can download up to 15 titles on your download list using HBO Go. The titles that you download will also expire after 48 hours. For HBO Now, users cannot download content for offline viewing. Watching your favorite shows and movies using HBO Now will require an Internet connection.

HBO Now is only accessible to users and subscribers in the United States. Some U.S. territories may also have the ability to access content through HBO Now. For HBO Go, accessibility and availability extend to an International scale. All that is there to secure is an HBO subscription from a cable operator in your country or area.

Supported Devices

Some of the devices that support HBO Now comprise mostly TVs. However, you can stream HBO Now from your PC and laptops and use an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV. This option is viable if you find watching movies and specials on your computer to be inadequate and you need a wider screen like your TV. 

If you already have these TVs, you can directly access and stream content from HBO Now. Some TVs that support HBO Now are Amazon Fire TV, Any TV with Roku systems, and Samsung TV. 

For HBO Go, the narrative goes on a complete 180-degree turn. Users can access and stream content through HBO Go from their Android phones and tablets, Apple devices, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and many more. 

Like HBO Now, you can access HBO Go from any Android TV, Roku, and Samsung Smart TVs, and the only addition coming in the form of an Apple TV compatibility.

Take Your Pick! 

There are pros and cons to availing either of these HBO streaming services. For HBO Now, it is the ideal HBO streaming service if you do not want to invest in a cable subscription. All that HBO Now requires is an Internet connection. But, if you already have an HBO cable subscription or cable TV, it would be pretty pointless to subscribe to HBO Now.

HBO Go is the ideal HBO streaming service if you need to stream HBO content internationally. Offline streaming is also available and is compatible with most handheld devices. Users will be able to download content and watch any series, specials, or films while being on the go. Having an existing HBO cable subscription is not a problem with HBO Go as you can treat it as an add-on to your subscription. 


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