Hidden Android Features You Need to Know 2020

We all know about the cool and exciting features offered by the Android operating system. These features have made our work much easier and added some more comfort in our life. However, there are a lot of things that you do not know about Android and its features. In this article, you will learn about the hidden android feature you need to know in 2020. 

These are the features that allow you to monitor any android phone remotely. Yes, it’s true. You can watch someone’s android device without letting them know. It includes getting access to their data like location, call logs, social media accounts, etc. Sounds interesting?

Now, let’s come to the main point. You already knew about these things but never thought that you could do it without any help. However, you would love to know that the method you will learn in this article is quite simple and can be performed by anyone. Additionally, if you think it requires you to root the android device, congrats, and no need to root the device. Visit for more info on safe android spy apps here.

Let us end this curiosity here by discussing this method.

What is Android Monitoring?

Android monitoring is a secret process that allows you to monitor the activities of an android device. It merely means that you can track your friend or loved ones’ devices without letting them know. There are different methods to monitor android devices. However, the most popular way is by using some online platforms that track devices with an application’s help. 

A hidden application that records all their activities and shares them with you is considered the best monitoring solution. Hence, we are going to use a popular application that is designed to help people like you in monitoring smartphones.

Minspy is the application that we will use in this tutorial. You can visit their website to get more Minspy information.

What is Minspy?

Minspy is a platform that provides different tools and services to monitor an android device remotely. This application is preferred by people to monitor the activities of their loved ones. Unlike a regular parental control feature, it gives you some more permissions and helps you check their activities like location, browsing history, and installed applications.

It became popular among the new generation as they were looking for a reliable way to track someone. That is why it has a base of more than 1 million active users. Additionally, it is so convenient to use that anyone can use it on their own. To make it more reliable, it does not require you to root the targeted device to monitor its activities. A person with basic android knowledge can understand why this is a great deal for Android users. 

Features of Minspy


Minspy is loaded with features that make phone monitoring a piece of cake. It is a long list of useful tools and resources. Hence, we are going to share some of the most popular features offered by this platform.

WhatsApp Spy: It is one of the most popular features of this application. With WhatsApp Spy, you can monitor someone’s conversations remotely. Additionally, it won’t send any notification to the device to prevent them from finding out.

Location Tracker: As the name suggests, this feature helps you locate any android phone within a few seconds. Additionally, you can use its SIM tracker to find them even if their GPS is turned off.

Call Logs Viewer: If you want to check your friend’s call logs, you can use this feature. It shows you all the categorized call logs of the device. Additionally, you can check the frequently contacted numbers with the same element.

Browsing History: This feature shows you all their browsing history of that device. The best thing is that it can monitor private browsers as well. Hence, you can get all their browsing history at the same place.

How to Monitor Any Android Device With This Application

To monitor an android device, you need to create an account on their website. Visit the Minspy website and click on Sign up Free to create an account. Enter your email address and a new password for your account. Follow the instructions to verify your email address.

After that, you will be asked to subscribe to a paid membership to use their features. You can use the basic membership that allows you to monitor a single device. However, adding multiple devices will require an upgraded membership on your account.

Then you will see two options on the page- Android and iPhone. Select Android and click continue. It will take you to the setup wizard where you can download a small application. Install this application on the targeted device secretly. Follow the on-screen instructions to give permission to this application and hide it from the menu. The application may take some time to sync their data with your account. However, the process takes place in the background, and you can leave their phone after that.

Now, login back to your online account and find all the features under the Dashboard. Click on any one of them, and it will show you all the required details from that application. You can also use its demo version to understand how these things work.


With the advancement in technology, there is a scope of getting some exciting features related to your android device. One such example is that you can track an android device without getting permission from the owner. The steps that we covered in this video helps you get into an android device remotely.

If you are still wondering about this application’s credibility, you would love to know that it was published in Forbes and Android Authority for its excellent services. Hence, you can finally start monitoring your friend’s device and confuse them with your new trick.

Please know that you can also use its demo feature to practice these tools on a sample device. Visit their website to learn more about it.

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