How Can You Record Desktop for Free?

Are you looking for a sound desktop recorder that efficiently works? Maybe you are a professional who needs to record a presentation for school or office. Or a software developer who generates ‘how-to’ videos. Perhaps you would like to capture desktop videos for YouTube or create video tutorials. 

Desktop recorders are just what you need.

What Is A Desktop Recorder and Its Purpose? 

A desktop recording software can record entire or portions of your mobile phone or computer screen. 

This recording includes everything from taps, cursor movements, and typing a URL into the browser.  

Sometimes, as part of the tool package, the screen recording software also offers audio narration and annotation. 

Videos prove to be a great way to demonstrate different processes and steps to other people. Some of them include: 

  •       Showing a step-by-step tutorial 
  •       Sharing gameplays 
  •       Record product reviews 
  •       Showing tech support by recording recurring problems on PC 

Whatever your reasons are, the options for a desktop recorder are endless. However, you need to examine the features required for your projects, the kind of software you need and the frequency of built-in tools.  

These criteria ensure that you pick the best desktop recorder from all the software available.  

You will also need to consider your computer or PC’s space to make the desktop recorder work seamlessly. In addition to this, you should also see to it that your PC has built-in recording software

Which Desktop Software is the Best For You? 

While a desktop recorder may differ in price and functionality, most share the same features. These are: 

  •       Cut and Paste editing tools 
  •       Provides adjusting the video frame 
  •       Unlimited recording  

While browsing through the options, you might wonder how to pick the best desktop recorder out of all. As screen recording tools range from each other, they must still meet the essential criteria such as:  

  •       Friendly and easy to use 
  •       Let’s you record an entire screen, a particular area or only one window 
  •       Includes microphone and system audio 
  •       Provides built-in options 

Some of the desktop recorders come with HD recording options. However, do keep in mind that HD files take longer to upload than ordinary ones. So, if you’re someone who needs to upload standard-quality files quickly, HD isn’t the best option for you. To learn more about how to choose the right one you can check out reviews and comparisons on this website.  

The Best Desktop Recorder For You – Movavi Screen Recorder  

Considering all of this, if you are looking for a desktop recorder that completes your work while also being efficient at it, your search ends here.  

The Movavi Screen Recorder is the recommended choice for desktop recording software. It is a productive desktop recorder complete with a built-in editor that gets all your job done quickly. Movavi records higher than average videos where the quality is at par with other similarly priced desktop recorders.  

Movavi Screen Recorder is best known for streaming videos, having online calls and webinars. 

Its easy-to-use screen capture tool lets you record computer screen, capture audio and webcam, take screenshots and save the recordings as GIFs and videos. 

After saving the files, Movavi Screen Recorder lets you upload the recorded videos on YouTube or Google Drive. Through this software, you can easily share the recordings with audiences via social networks. 

Besides these features, Movavi has one of the most unique and valuable tools for the users, known as schedule captures.  

If you are worried about being away from your desk yet still want to record webinars and live streams, Movavi’s scheduled captures tool does it for you. 

In the software, you can navigate this feature under the ‘Preference’ option under ‘Scheduler.’ You can set a time limit for your next recording or choose a specific time for the recording to begin and end. 

Screen capture is a convenient tool that you can use to record the desktop efficiently. 

Here Are Some of the Other Advantages of Using Movavi Screen Recorder: 

  1. Records audio and video simultaneously 
  2. Adjusts parameters for recording and incorporates webcam 
  3. Records internal and external audio
  4. Takes screenshots and provides options to edit them 
  5. No internet connection required to capture desktop videos 
  6. Displays mouse in recording 
  7. It saves video in HD 
  8. Supports multiple file formats like AV1, MP3, MP4, MKV, MOV, GIF, JPG and many more

How to Record Your Desktop with Movavi Screen Recorder? 

The process of installing and using the Movavi desktop recorder is simple and easy. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to use the Movavi Screen Recorder software: 

Step 1: Install Movavi Desktop Video recorder. 

Download the Movavi Screen Recorder and save the file on your hard drive. Run the file and follow all the instructions to install the program. Movavi Screen Recorder is available on PC and Mac for free. 

Step 2: Set Recording Parameters 

Once you have installed the software, start your screen activities. Launch the program and click on the ‘Screen Recording’ button. 

 Another method involves pressing the buttons F10 in Windows or ⌥ ⌘ 2 on a Mac device. You can hold down the left mouse and drag the cursor to capture the image. If you wish to resize, move the frame accordingly. 

You can also record the entire screen of your device or any smaller area of the screen.  

Movavi allows you to record input and output sound, separately or simultaneously. The audio source is activated when it appears highlighted in green. 

 Make your video even more informative by showing the mouse cursor and keyboard actions. To do this, click the appropriate icons located on the sidebar. 

Step 3: Capture Video From Desktop 

Start capturing video from your desktop by clicking on the ‘REC’ option. You can end the recording by clicking on ‘Stop.’ There are several hotkeys available for starting and ending a recording on desktop: 

  •       For window users – Hit F9 to pause and f10 to stop the desktop recorder. If you want to take a screenshot, click on the appropriate icon on the control panel or press the –F8 button. 
  •       For Mac users: Press ⌥ ⌘ 1 to pause and ⌥ ⌘ 2 to end the recording. You can either choose the icon from the control panel or press the ⌥ ⌘ 3 buttons for a snapshot.  

Step 4: Trim Your Recording. 

After you have finished recording, you can head over to the preview window. You can either save the video you recorded in a different format or cut out the unwanted parts using Movavi’s inbuilt tools.  

To cut parts from the video, select the timelines you want to eliminate and click the ‘Cut’ button, which will further divide the segments. Select each piece you want to delete and click on the ‘Delete’ button. 

Step 5: Save and Share 

You can save the recorded video on your device and share it with others later. To save the video, click on ‘Export’ and enter the file name. Select the folder you would like to keep the video in and the format, then click Save. 

You can share the videos by clicking on any of the available options offered by the software. If you can’t pick from the options available, select ‘Movavi Cloud,’ and the software will upload your video through Movavi’s cloud server. It will only be available through a specific link. To share the video, you can send the link to people to get access. 

Final Verdict On Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder makes the process of recording videos very easy. Thus, it is one of the best and efficient software for a desktop recorder. 

The friendly interface allows the user to click and start the recording process. So, if you need a desktop recorder, your top choice must be the Movavi Screen Recorder.

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This article discusses how Unreal Engine has evolved over the years from being used as a game engine to becoming an engine that is used in the production of virtual reality games. The company has made many changes to their game, but it is not just about the new technology. The company has also changed […]

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