How to Build a Travel and Tourism Website That Goes Far

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The applications of the tour operator market participants are still at the very beginning of their journey. Many tour operators do not have mobile applications at all, considering them so far “superfluous” in their activities – since they consider the application only as a channel for direct sales of package products. Accordingly, if a tour operator successfully sells tours through its agent network and does not stake on direct sales, then he believes that he “does not need a mobile channel yet. Mass” tour operators proceed from the same logic: therefore, the functionality of their existing applications, as a rule, is rather stingy, “linear”, and boils down to duplicating a site and the ability to choose and buy a tour through a mobile application.

In general, this is a typical situation for the first steps in the digitalization of services – first sales, then everything else. But there are nuances. And the nuances are very important. The mobile channel in its modern form is suitable for buying well-known, simple (in describing their consumer properties) goods. Such, for example, which are sold on AliExpress. At the same time, the mobile application is not very suitable for “vacation sales”. Let me remind you that the tour operator sells not a tour (this is a business concept, a “shell”), but namely “rest”. Choosing a vacation for a tourist often takes time to study, a detailed description, large photographs, and, most importantly, the availability of tour comparison systems in several parameters.

Website development for a travel agency gives you the opportunity to personalize your brand and present yourself to the audience the way you prefer.

The peculiarities of development

A mobile application for a travel agency is rather important and it’s carried out by a few stages. There stages are well-known to the professionals who work in this sphere for already many years. So the best idea us to trust the development to them. They would take into account all the wishes of clients. Individual approach is guarantee yo everyone..

More spontaneous purchases

Yes, of course, the majority of tourism sales comes from people planning their vacations ahead of time. But there are also such clients who make decisions spontaneously: if they saw an offer, they wanted it, bought it and went. The mobile application works flawlessly for such people! Just inform users about hot tours, discounts and new products, and you will not be overwhelmed by buyers.

More sales

The person who has downloaded and installed your mobile application is more than 60% likely to buy at least one tour from you. And if he likes everything, and you often make him interesting offers, then he will continue to use only your services and become a regular customer. Needless to say, your sales, and with them your profits, will increase?

Higher customer loyalty

Even if you have the best deals, the best service and the lowest prices, this does not guarantee that your customers will not be taken away by competitors. Loyalty must be constantly increased so that your “enemies” have no chance. A mobile application is the best tool with which a person with a smartphone can be made a regular customer. Use it and you will be surprised how much repeat sales will grow. professionally understand the features of the development of this type of project.

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