How To Bypass McAfee Mobile Security?

McAfee is a very useful application for securing the data of mobile users. In addition, it offers advanced privacy protection and anti-theft protection for safe-keeping the data stored on your mobile device. This web protection tool removes the chances of data loss through virus or malware attack. But at times users find it difficult to bypass McAfee mobile security, Thus, they want to know how to bypass McAfee mobile security for total protection.

Why is It Problematic to Bypass McAfee Mobile Security?

McAfee mobile security bypass becomes difficult if McAfee mobile security is unable to cooperate with other anti-theft mobile applications available on your device. The device you are using is unable to receive correct unlock commands from the network server. That’s why the bypassing McAfee issue is arising. Moreover, you can face this problem if your device does not have a stable data connection. If you are unable to unlock McAfee mobile security, then you are in the right place.

This guide can help you in ensuring complete protection for your device. We have observed that some users face this problem when they try multiple times to log onto McAfee mobile security with an incorrect pin.

Exact Methods for “How to Bypass McAfee Mobile Security?”

We have listed down the most appropriate methods that can help you to unlock this software:

Method 1: Log into the McAfee Web Portal

McAfee mobile security has a web portal for users to communicate with their device. This web portal can allow you to bypass McAfee mobile security. Thus, follow the steps given below to log into this portal and unlock the device:

  1. Launch a web browser and visit the web portal.
  2. Now, use the appropriate username and password to log into that portal.
  3. Select the account to which your device is linked and access the Lock page.
  4. Tap the ‘Unlock’ button to ask your device to unlock McAfee Mobile Security.
  5. Then, wait for a few seconds to unlock the McAfee mobile security and ensure that it is working.

Method 2: Generate a Support PIN from McAfee Website

Go through these steps to request a support PIN from the official website of McAfee:

  1. Open a web browser and visit the McAfee mobile security official website.
  2. Click on ‘Email ID’ and select the ‘Forget PIN’ option.
  3. Now, go to the list of recovery option and select the ‘Send me an email’ option.
  4. Then enter either your email ID or registered phone number.
  5. Check ‘My mobile device is unlocked’ box and ensure that you have entered the registered email address or phone number correctly.
  6. You will receive a support PIN from the server.
  7. Then, use the support PIN you have received to bypass McAfee mobile security.

Method 3: Use the Fingerprint Unlock Feature

Use the fingerprint unlock feature if your device has McAfee mobile security 4.9 or later installed on it. To do so, visit the official website of McAfee security and click ‘Forgot your PIN’ option. Then click ‘Unlock your device with a fingerprint’ link and place your registered finger at the required location. Now see, whether this feature has disabled the security software.

Method 4: Take Help from your Friends

At first, visit the official website of McAfee mobile security and click the ‘Forgot your PIN’ link. Choose ‘Send it to my buddies’ option to send the support PIN to those who are registered with McAfee. Then collect the temporary PIN from one of your friends and use it to unlock the software.

Method 5: Unlock Using Security Questions

Before proceeding, make sure that your device is connected to a network and isn’t having any network issues. Now visit McAfee security’s website and click the ‘Forgot your PIN’ link. Then navigate to the recovery options and tap ‘Answer security question.’ Select a question and give your answer. After that, tap the ‘Submit’ button to generate a new PIN. Then, try to bypass McAfee mobile security by using this PIN.

Note that users of devices using SIM cards need to ensure that the phone number in the Tracking section on the Lock page matches your SIM card.

Method 6: Unlock from the McAfee Website

  1. Visit ‘’ and click ‘Find Device.’
  2. Tap ‘Mobile Number’ and click ‘Forgot your PIN’ link.
  3. Enter your registered mobile number and wait until you receive a verification code on your mobile.
  4. Click ‘My device is locked’ link if your device is locked and tap check ‘Send me the link’ box.
  5. Open your registered email address and check the Support PIN your have received from McAfee.
  6. Then, type ‘’ in the address bar of a web browser and press ‘Enter.’
  7. Use either your McAfee account details or the registered phone number to log in to McAfee account.
  8. Select your McAfee Mobile Security account and tap the ‘Unlock’ button to send an unlock command to your device.

Hope, you have understood how to bypass McAfee mobile security on your device. You can do your work by using any of the six methods discussed in this article.

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