How to Change Refresh Rates on 144Hz or 120Hz Monitors?

Change Refresh Rates on 144Hz or 120Hz Monitors

Gaming PCs tend to lack the exotic vibe if you can’t add a monitor of at least 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate the better the gaming experience would feel. Additionally, you can notice exquisite details in the PC gaming, with a higher refresh rate monitor, and you would barely miss the action of your opponent.

But, the real trouble seems to begin when your monitor doesn’t support its advertised refresh rate any more. By default or in-game settings, the refresh rate might reduce from 144Hz to 60Hz, or similar refresh rate. And, the consequences might make you lose an easy game. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to get the 144Hz refresh rate, you need to connect the monitor to the computer properly. Otherwise, it can’t run on the higher refresh rates. 

Here’s how you can run the gaming monitor at its advertised refresh rate.

Review GPU Compatibility

It’s not a wise decision to purchase a 144Hz monitor without looking over the GPU specifications of the computer. Maybe, the integrated laptop graphics unit is beyond the requirements of establishing a refresh rate of 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate on the monitor. However, usually, a monitor possesses the capability to display the gaming video at 144Hz refresh rate.

If you are talking about discrete components for building a gaming PC with a gaming monitor Razer Raptor 27 and compatible GPU unit, then don’t overlook the GPU requirements. Read out the specifications such as supported refresh rates and resolutions before you plug in the monitor to the computer. 

Select the Required Refresh Rate on your Windows Computer

Windows users have been complaining about the degradation of refresh rates of monitors automatically. In case you have taken care of other perspectives you can try this fix. Set the refresh rate on your Windows 10 computer manually with the following guidelines:

  1. Explore Settings by pressing the Windows logo key and I key altogether.
  2. Opt for System followed by Display. Next, move on to Advanced Display Settings.
  3. Proceed with Display Adapter Properties.
  4. Once the Properties appear, head towards the Monitor tab.
  5. Make changes in the list of Screen Refresh Rate. Choose the Refresh Rate of 120Hz or 144Hz. Exit with OK.

However, if you are currently using Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, then you need to abide by the following instructions.

  1. Initiate with a right-click on the display or desktop.
  2. Head towards Screen Resolution option.
  3. Make sure that you opt for the right monitor when you have connected more than one device to the computer. 
  4. Continue with the Advanced Settings option. Move to the Monitor tab.
  5. Now, it’s time to select the required refresh rate under the Screen Refresh Rate menu.

Choose the Right Connection Port

Are you still unable to access the refresh rate of 144Hz on your monitor? If you are neglecting the choices of display ports of your monitor or the cables, then you might lose the appropriate way of enjoying the gaming experience on Razer Raptor 27. Especially, if you have plugged in the monitor to the computer, by using an HDMI port, then it won’t work for 144Hz refresh rate.

Some selected DVI ports and DisplayPort can only support the refresh rates of 120Hz and 144Hz. So, check if you have plugged the cable to the right port. Additionally, you need to be quite choosy about cables. HDMI cables, as well as VGA ones, hardly support the refresh rates of 120Hz or 144 Hz on monitors. So, if you have chosen one of them, revert your choices. Avail a high-quality cable suggested by the gaming experts.

Alternate Resolutions on Dedicated Graphics Cards

Gaming experiences require high-quality graphics components either from NVIDIA or AMD. And, currently, you are able to make changes within the control panel of the graphics unit in the driver settings. For NVIDIA graphics unit, you need to follow these:

  1. Head towards the driver options of NVIDIA. It is available on the driver menu.
  2. Under the NVIDIA Control Panel window, go to the Display options. Next, go to Change Resolution.
  3. Beside the Resolution option, you can probably notice a drop-down menu of refresh rates, click the necessary one.
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    Additionally, ensure that you have chosen the right display for the setting.
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However, if your computer is on an AMD graphics unit, then you have to manually set the refresh rate on Windows, as mentioned before.

Other Solutions:

If none of the above tips works for your satisfactory gaming view on your 144Hz monitor, then here are few additional troubleshooting ideas. These are worth giving a try, at least once.

Update the graphics driver, in case, you haven’t updated it since ages. Outdated graphics drivers are unable to synchronize with the higher resolution and refresh rates of display units. Hence, check out the NVIDIA or AMD official sites and get your updates today.

Examine the native resolution of the monitor. If the native resolution is set to lower values, then you can’t render higher refresh rates. If nothing excels up the gaming experience, then reinstall the graphics driver. 


These fixes would definitely provide you with a higher refresh rate on your gaming PC. And, you can now experience gaming precision and other details without any extra effort. Changing the resolution and refresh rates would enhance the view and you will get rid of blurred images.

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This article discusses how Unreal Engine has evolved over the years from being used as a game engine to becoming an engine that is used in the production of virtual reality games. The company has made many changes to their game, but it is not just about the new technology. The company has also changed […]

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