Basic Information About Gmail Chat And Also Learn The Procedure To Do It

Gmail is also popularly known email, which comes with lots of impressive features. One of the most helpful features is the Gmail chat. With the help of the Gmail chat feature in your Gmail account, you can also chat with other Gmail user. You can easily interact with them and share your valuable information with them. Most of the Gmail users have reported that they do not know the process of Gmail chat. If you are one of them and searching for the process, then stay in this article. In this guideline, you will get to know effective and useful procedures for Gmail video chat.

Two Most Effective Procedures for Gmail Chat:

If you want to learn how to chat on Gmail, then follow the under-mentioned procedures. With the help of these two procedures, you can quickly chat with other Gmail users.

Procedure 1 – From the Gmail Account

This is one of the easier procedure that we are going to discuss to chat on Gmail account. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1

At first, you need to go to the Gmail web browser and then enter the Email ID and Password to open your Gmail account.

Step 2

In the Gmail window, you need to go to the Settings icon which is located at the top left side corner. When the Settings drop-down menu opens, click on the Settings option.

Step 3

In the Settings window, you have to navigate to the Labs section. Then, you can type Chat in the Search for a lab box. Now, you can see the right-side chat, and tick the Enable button from the right side panel.

Step 4

After doing this, you need to click on the Save Changes option to save it. Now, you can see several new options on the bottom right side of the Gmail page. This is used to enter the Google Hangout chats in your Gmail account.

Step 5

Next, you can select the middle option. After that, you need to select the Start a new one option in the menu lists. Now, you can type the email address, name or phone number of that person that you need to chat with and then select it from the search list. After selecting one, you can see a new chat box that gets displayed at the bottom of the Gmail. Also, you can share images, send text messages, start video calls, add other people to the thread, etc.

Procedure 2 – By Using the Google Hangouts

This is another procedure that you can also use to chat on Gmail account. By using Google hangouts, you can also chat with another person. Firstly, you should open the Google Hangouts application and start the chat with the person that you want.


We hope that this information will guide you in performing Gmail chat on your computer. We have provided two procedures which are very helpful for you. Follow them one-by-one and do these on your Gmail account. However, if you face any problem ever, then you can contact an expert to get the issue resolved instantly.


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