3 Ways for How to Connect AirPods to a Chromebook

How to Connect AirPods to a Chromebook

Apple Airpods are generally compatible with every iOS device. But, you may not know that the Airpods can also be connected to the Chromebook. Basically, Chromebook is an operating system that is being used by many laptop manufacturing companies, owing to its high demand. If you are eager to connect the Airpods and enjoy wireless connectivity, then you need to follow some important steps. 

The entire procedure is wireless, so you need to perform the methods very carefully. Before that, make sure that your computer is On. In addition to that, it must be free from malicious files, cache, and cookies as well. These steps will eventually help you to learn how to connect AirPods to a Chromebook. 

  1. Navigate to the System

    As the Chromebook is in front of you, you have to get access to the Menu. It is present at the lower-right corner of the screen, just beside the battery percentage and clock. The Menu actually contains the badge-shaped icons for WiFi, notifications, Bluetooth and many more. 

  2. Build up the Wireless Connection

    The Airpods can be connected to the system via Bluetooth as it’s the only option. So, you need to select the Bluetooth and turn it on. Then, the system will search for the available devices. Now, turn your attention to the Airpods and switch them on. The Chromebook will appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices. 

    If they don’t appear, then switch off the Bluetooth and turn it on; hopefully, the Airpods will appear. Now, press and hold the setup button, which is located at the backside of the case. Go through all the necessary on-screen instructions which will answer the question on how to connect AirPods to a Chromebook. 

  3. The Setup Process

    When the pairing is done, adjust the volume from the system as well as the Airpods. For testing purposes, play any audio or video from your system. Make sure you are able to listen to the media clearly. If you experience any glitch, simply disconnect both the devices, turn off their respective Bluetooth and perform the same procedure as given above, once again. 

How can you Disconnect the Airpods?

If you want to disconnect the Airpods, then just turn off the Bluetooth for both devices. Make sure that you turn off the Airpods after disconnecting them from the system. If somehow it remains On, then the battery level will eventually reduce. 

What if you face Issues while connecting?

It is not at all guaranteed by any tech experts that the Airpods will connect to the Chromebook on the very first attempt. You might face any type of error while connecting it. What can be the reasons behind it? You will be more eager to find out the answer to the question — some of them are outdated Bluetooth drivers, junk in the system, issues within the Airpods, and many more. 

The Solutions 

Here are some solutions that will help you in eliminating the issues that you might face while performing how to connect AirPods to a Chromebook. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Update the Bluetooth Driver

The Bluetooth driver might get outdated if you don’t update it. As the Airpods comes with the latest version of Bluetooth, there is a compatibility issue that takes place between the Airpods and the Chromebook. So, the best way to eliminate the issue is to update the driver. Hopefully, you know the Chromebook’s system configuration. 

Most of the drivers will be of Intel, so access the main website of Intel. Put the OS type and its bit version, then the compatible Bluetooth driver will appear. On the other hand, you can also visit the system manufacturer’s website. There you will find all the compatible drivers. Download the setup file, install it and restart the system to save the changes. 

Clear all the Junk Files

If a large number of residual files are present in your system, then it creates many interruptions in building a stable connection. Then, you might not find the perfect answer to the question of how to connect AirPods to a Chromebook. 

Make use of the necessary commands to find out the folder that contains the temporary files. Then delete all the contents in it; you can also use any good third-party application to remove the files as well as clear the registry. After that, try to pair the Airpods with the Chromebook. 

Check for the Issues in the Airpods

If the Airpods are turned out to be faulty, then the system is not at all responsible for that. Carefully check the Airpods by pairing them with other devices. Hopefully, you will definitely find some issues. If you find that the device is running out of power, recharge it and try once again. If the Airpods are still in a problematic situation, then take the device to the authorized service centre. 

Important Notes 

While taking the device to its service centre, make sure that it is undamaged in every other way. If this doesn’t happen, then the device will void the warranty, and you might have to pay an extra amount of money for the necessary repairs. If the device is in good condition and within the international warranty, then the service will be free of cost. Never forget to take all the necessary documents that came along with the device. 

It’s your duty to take care of the Airpods, as well as the Chromebook. Hopefully, you have well understood the solutions that are already described above. Perform the solutions very carefully as they secure the process of building up the wireless connection. 

Furthermore, it will be better if you use any anti-virus application in your system. Malicious files in the system can also restrict the wireless connection between the Airpods and the Chromebook. Never forget to scan your system and also update the application frequently. 


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