How To Connect Heyday Wireless Earbuds To Bluetooth | A Comprehensive Guide

If you have recently bought the trendy Heyday Wireless earbuds, then the first and foremost thing that you should learn is how to connect Heyday Wireless Earbuds to Bluetooth. These headphones can be easily connected to a device like a smartphone, television, computer, gaming console, and many others. 

Simply, by pairing with Bluetooth, you can use wireless headphones. Heyday earbuds can be used to play non-stop music for six hours. However, if you don’t know how to connect Heyday Wireless Earbuds to Bluetooth, then here we are going to discuss the requisite steps.

Easy Steps to Connect Heyday Wireless Earbuds to Bluetooth

Here, you will get to learn the easy and effective techniques that you can apply to connect the earbuds to the Bluetooth device.

Step 1: Charging

In the beginning, you have to connect the charging cable to the bottom of the left earcup. Next, you should connect the earbuds to the USB adapter. Else, you can connect them to the computer.

When the headset starts charging, you will see the indicator lights start blinking.

buy azithromycin online no prescriptionWait at least 3 hours as the earbuds take time for charging.

Step 2: Choose your Device

Here, at first, you have to determine, which device you are using. 

If you are using a computer (including Macbook) and want to connect the wireless earbuds with it, then:

  • First, if the charging cable is connected, then separate the earbuds from the charging cable. 
  • Then, go to the back of the right-earcup and afterward press and hold the Power button for 7 to 10 seconds.
  • Now, you will see the indicator light on the backside of the left earcup will flash red and after that, it turns to white.
  • You should keep the device name as HEYDAY HEADPHONE 01.

Windows 10 user, at first, navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on the Action Center button. Thereafter, hit the All Settings option. From there, proceed to the Devices option.

Now, from the left-hand column, choose the Bluetooth option and make sure that the Bluetooth is on. After that, Windows 10 will search for available devices. Once, found, choose it and furthermore click on the Pair option.

Once the pairing procedure has been successfully completed, the Paired status will appear on the screen. 

However, if you use a Mac device, then like the previous one first, make sure that the left earcup indicator light will flash red and then white. Also, the headphone device must be HEYDAY HEADPHONE 01. 

Go to the menu bar and tap on the Apple menu. Furthermore, choose the System Preference option. On the next screen, choose the Bluetooth option and make sure that it is turned on. 

Afterward, your Mac device will search for the pairing device and once found, hit the Pair option. If you want to connect the  Heyday wireless earbuds with your laptop.
Then, apply the same process that you have applied for the computer.


If you select iOS, then use the previous steps and ensure that the headphone device name is HEYDAY HEADPHONE 01. Now, it’s time to pairing the device. However, depending on the iOS device, the menu theme and options might look slightly different.

Now, first, navigate to the Settings section of your device. Under here, scroll down and choose the Bluetooth option. Then, ensure that the Bluetooth feature is enabled. Next, you have to tap on the Bluetooth device in order to pair with the earbuds.

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If you are using an Android device, then apply the previous steps and make sure that the device headphone name is HEYDAY HEADPHONE 01. Afterward, go to the Setting section of your Android device and choose the ‘Connected device’ from the context menu. 

Again, ensure that the Bluetooth device is enabled. You have to tap on the Bluetooth device and pair it with the Heyday earbuds. Then, the Heyday device will be successfully connected to Bluetooth.

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1. How Can you reset the Heyday Wireless Earbuds?

You have to press and hold the Phone button on the remote. On the headset, you should hear the descending tones. After that, wait for 15 to 20 seconds. Next, you have to push the Power button for 1 or 2 seconds in order to power back the headset.

2. Why are the Bluetooth Headphones Flashing Red and Blue?

The Red/Blue flashing is a pairing mode and you have to connect your device to the headphone. You will generally see this light after powering On (if you press the power button for more than one second). 

In such a condition, you have to hold the Power button and turn off the headset. Wait for a while and again turn it on.

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