How to Create a Streaming App in The Era of Live Streaming

Online streaming services have made it possible for viewers to watch anything they want and from anywhere they want.
And regardless of the number of streaming apps already existing in the market, the demand keeps growing and there’s always space for more apps. So, if you plan to create your own streaming app in this environment, you are definitely on the right track.

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How to create your own streaming app: Outlining the way

Start by finding your niche

If you want to create a live-streaming app, you will have to figure out the content you want to bring to the users. Here are three of the most profitable streaming niches you can consider:

  • Entertainment: HBO and Netflix have proven that streaming entertainment never goes out of demand.
  • Fitness: People are ready to pay to watch easy fitness-related content at all times.
  • Education: People would rather look at ‘How to’ videos than read instructions and tutorials.

Think of the content availability

You need to answer a simple question when you build a live video streaming app: Would it have videos from other distributors? Or, do you plan to create your content? If the idea is to cooperate with other distributors, you’ll have to get the license for your public performance.
Two ways are available to deal with this:

  • Contact the copyright holder
  • Rent movies from authorized and licensed distributors

Select the right monetization model

Select one of the three ways of video monetization for your streaming app:

Know the requirements of a video streaming app

When the aim is to develop a movie streaming app where your videos perform well, a few performance characteristics are to be fulfilled.

  • Internet speed:

The ability of a platform to stream on-demand videos is based on internet speed. You need over 2 MB/s speed to broadcast 4K, 3D, or HD content.

  • Network connectivity:

The CDN (content delivery network) broadcasts all the videos to the subscribers through server networks. It turns the app into one scalable system to deal with the traffic.

  • Security:

Varied security features, such as geographical restrictions, domain restrictions, and watermarking are to be considered for the app.

Develop an MVP for your streaming app

Now, it’s time to think about the timeline, designs, non-functional and functional needs, and so on. Platform design is important when you start a live streaming application because the aim is to deliver a seamless user experience.

Collect feedback on the MVP

You need to collect user feedback about the platform after launching the MVP. Firstly, you need to know if they are okay with the present features. Secondly, ask them about what other features they want to add on that streaming app. Once you figure out what real users feel about your app, making the necessary changes in the final product would be easier.

Ending note

As you can well understand by now, you can create your own streaming app without much hassle only if you know the right way of going about things. Hopefully, the discussion above has shown you the way.

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