How to Create the Perfect Slideshow for Facebook

Visual presentations are gaining more popularity than ever before! The twenty-first century is more about visuals than just audios and texts when it comes to content. Visual representations of any media are powerful yet so simple.

As per surveys, the audio-visual content display can help you gain more attention and appreciation and invade the audience’s psyche! Also, this type of demonstration can last longer as compared to only audio or texts. Speaking of which, slideshows are becoming extremely influential nowadays.

If you get a perfect idea about such persuasive videos, you can check out the current Facebook ads. A large percentage of businesses and organizations are using Facebook slideshows as a great medium to create an in-depth impact on their minds, preferences, and tastes.

1. Sign In and Choose Your Best Template!

The very first step to creating a slideshow for Facebook is to visit the site and log in with your credentials simply. You can sign up for free, and the steps are very easy. As you log in, you are good to go! The next imperative step is to choose your favorite template! Just like any other advanced slideshow maker, the platform of Facebook slideshows allows you to pick awesome templates.

 You will get a wide variety of preset templates that match your business, professional, or occasion vibes. Whether you want a template for memorials, birthdays, or graduations, you can easily find them! Also, the best part is that these templates have a highly contemporary touch. You can also find templates that allow you a lot of space to add texts and your stickers. Overall, you can customize the templates just as you feel.

2. Add the Photos

Photos are an important part of any slideshow or video nowadays! You can call them the making elements of it. The best part is that you can upload the photos from any social media platform.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, or your gallery, you can import photos from any platform you prefer. You can add your photos from the top of the screen and even drag and drop it on your template. Play around with the layout and the order, such as flipping, zooming, or rotating it. You can also select modern color effects such as black and white and sepia.

3. Choose the Music

When you are creating a slideshow for Facebook, the music is a must. As per surveys, the right music or audio has the power to heighten the impact and influencing power of your Facebook slideshow. You can use the Facebook slideshow library to search for your favorite music or even use your track. This is one of the best parts of creating slideshows on Facebook.

Use your original music or the tune of your preference very easily. Not only that, as a user, you will also have the option to use or blend multiple tunes as per your choice. You will not need any high-end tech skills to do this. You can get all of these advantages in just a few clicks!

4. Customize the Texts

Nowadays, slideshows and videos are loaded with amazing typographies and texts! If you do not want to add descriptive texts, you can choose unique fonts to add your captions! To add a title, you can click on the title option or box on Facebook.

Double click as the box appears to type the texts in it. You can position the text if you want and change the colors, size, and effect of the texts just as you like. Now, the Facebook slideshow allows you to get quite creative. 

5. Finalize all the Details

Pick a scheme of color for the background of the slideshow! You can choose the add-ons of the photographs if they are relevant. As you are done, you can select the speed of the desired slideshow ranging from one to at least seven seconds between the slides. Remember, the devil is in the divine details. The more you put effort and time into the details, your slideshow will turn out to be more professional!

6. Tweak And Edit Your Facebook Slideshow!

There is also a simple editing option that you can pick to upgrade your slideshow before you publish.
This option lets you delete and adjust an image. Change the order of the clips and images or insert another slide whenever you feel like it.

This is one of the most significant needs that people have when creating a slideshow. You can even make other changes with simple editing tools like InVideo.

Add a title, insert a photo, or even make detailed changes in an easy way and at the last minute. This option is a savior. You can quickly make changes, correct flaws, and save your video from presenting or posting it on Facebook on your chosen device. If you feel like you need to preview your slideshow, you can even do that with one simple click. 

7. Publish Your Facebook Slideshow In Simple Steps!

As you are done with your editing and tweaking, you can go ahead and publish your lovely slideshow on the Facebook platform. You can go to the right-side cornet on the top of your screen and click on the done button. Once you follow these simple steps, your video shall be ready to be uploaded on your timeline. This can now open up a new screen where you shall be able to tag all your friends easily. 

Other than tagging, you can simply update your location or add a feeling tag and description! It is that simple and great! As all these things are adequately updated, the post button shall be activated! So, go ahead and post your slideshow!


You can make both simple and high-end slideshows with the above guide. You will also explore exciting features gradually as you start making our presentations and videos. These videos can end up being highly catchy and attract a thousand eyes. Do not forget to promote your slideshow on Facebook and other platforms for best results.


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