How To Delete A Gmail Account?

Gmail is a popular electronic mail service provider. But due to some inconvenience, you have to delete Gmail account. The steps are quite simple but most of the users fail to proceed due to lack of technical know-how. If you are unaware of this process and want to perform this action quickly, then you are in the perfect place. This article consists of a step by step guidance which will help you out. Let’s try out these steps.

How to Delete a Gmail Account?

Here is a step by step guide using which you will be able to delete your Gmail account easily.

  1. At first, you have to go to the Google Account Settings. After that, you have to choose the ‘Data & Personalization’ option.
  2. Now, you will be able to see a new page will appear. After that, you have to scroll down to the Download, delete or you have to make a plan for your data. Once done, you have to tap on the ‘Delete a service or your account’.
  3. Here, you can also select  ‘Delete Google Account and Data’ to remove in order to remove your entire Google account, which includes your search history, Google Docs, and AdSense, as well as, other Google services.
  4. After that, you have to select the option which is ‘Delete a service’ which is situated on the next page. Once done, you will be prompted to Sign in to your Google account.
  5. Now, on the next page, you will be able to choose the services which you want to delete. In case, if you want to delete your Gmail account completely, then you have to tap on the trash-can icon which is situated next to the Gmail.
  6. Now, you can follow the Download Data link to download a full version of your Gmail messages to the Gmail takeout.
  7. In order to backup your Gmail messages, you have to copy your Gmail account, into a new Gmail address.
  8. You enter a Gmail address which is different from the Gmail account which you are going to close, in the ‘How you’ll sign in to Google’ dialog box.
  9. In some cases, Gmail can also have entered a secondary address which you have used when creating the Gmail account. The alternative email address which you have entered will become your new Google account username.
  10. Now, you have to enter a Gmail address which you can access. You have to provide the Gmail address to complete the delete process of your Gmail account.
  11. Now, you have to tap on the Send Verification Email. Once done, you have to follow the deletion link in the messages. When prompted, you have to Send Verification Email.
  12. Now, under the Confirm Gmail Deletion, you have to choose the YES option which you want to delete ([email protected]) from the Gmail account.
  13. Now, you have to tap on the Delete Gmail option. In that case, take note that, you will not be able to undo this step. After you click on this step, your Gmail account and messages will be gone. Now, tap on the Done option.

To Conclude

This article provides a complete guide on how to delete Gmail account on your own. Hopefully, it will help you out. Try to avoid skipping any step as it might lead to further system glitches. You can leave a reply in the comment box as a suggestion. On that note, we are concluding this post, keeping follow our tech-articles.

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