How To Disable Touchpad Windows 10

Windows 10 touchpad offers the mechanism to navigate the user interface and the users can use gestures to perform navigation tasks faster. Some users don’t want to use this facility and prefer to use a mouse instead.

But before going to disable the touchpad, you have to check that an alternate input device is already plugged in with your device. Hence, if you are seeking help to disable touchpad Windows 10, then take a look at this post.

How to Disable Touchpad on Windows 10? Stepwise Instructions 

There are many ways by which you can turn off the touchpad option from your Windows 10 devices. Here we have mentioned some of them. So, keep following them one by one.

Solution 1: Turn Off the Touchpad Settings

In Windows 10, users can turn on or off their laptop’s touchpad by navigating to the Operating System Settings Utility. Hence, if you also want to do the same, then at first, you have to launch the Start Menu and then click on it.

After that, choose the Settings option and tap on it. Now, select Devices from the options and look at the left pane of the screen. Just tap on the Touchpad and then look at the right pane of the screen.

Here you will notice a toggle right under the Touchpad option. You just have to turn off the option and then close all the Settings windows. Now, you have successfully disabled the Touchpad in your Windows 10 device.

Solution 2: Turn Off ETD Control Center from Running at Startup

On many laptops, ETD Control Center controls the touchpad. But in some computers, the ETD Control Center is not present. In those cases, it’s better to turn this option off by following these steps.

At the initial step, you have to press down the Ctrl, Shift and the Esc button at the same time and open the Task Manager tab. After that, move to the Startup tab and click on it.
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Then, navigate to the ETD Control Center option from the program list. Just select and click on it. After that, choose the Disable icon. Once you have successfully disabled this option, restart your device as well.

Solution 3: Disable your Touchpad in Device Manager

Every device has its own Device Manager which the users can use to turn off the devices that are connected with their devices. This occurs the same with the Windows 10 laptops.
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If you want to disable the touchpad in Device Manager, then at first, choose the Start Menu and right-click on it.

As an alternative method, you can also press the Windows and the X button at the same time and launch the WinX Menu. Then, choose the Device Manager tab and click on it. Now, it’s time to choose the Mouse and also the pointing devices by double-clicking and extending the section.

Navigate to the list of your device’s touchpad and right-tap on it.

Then, tap on the Disable option and confirm the process. If you are prompted to give permission, then click on Yes. In case you find multiple entries, then turn off all the entries one by one. At the final step, close all the tabs and check if you have successfully turned off the touchpad in Device Manager or not.

Solution 4: Turn off Touchpad Using Control Panel

Even by using the Control Panel, you can turn off the touchpad. Hence, if you are using Synaptics touchpad, then you have to change the mouse settings.

At first, navigate to the Control Panel and open it. After that, find the Hardware and Sound tab and click on it. Then, navigate to the Devices and Printers tab and tap on the Mouse icon. Now, move to the Device Settings option. 

Here you have to check out the “Disable internal pointing device when the external USB pointing device is attached” icon. Finally, check if you have successfully turned off your device touchpad or not.

All the solutions stated here are proven and will surely help you to disable touchpad Windows 10. But in case if you have any queries regarding any step, then get in touch with experts and avail advanced solutions.


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