Learn How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail

Gmail is one of the most famous email applications and websites. Not only you can send and receive messages, but you can also save emails and search for messages that you want. So, if you accidentally archive your email then you can easily find the archived mail and retrieve it in Gmail.

Whether you archive or delete an email, it will be deleted from your inbox. After archiving the email, it will be available in another folder. Many users have reported that they do not find the archived mail in Gmail. If you also do not know how to find archived emails in Gmail then read this article carefully. Here you will get to know the steps to find the archived emails in your Gmail account.

Know How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail with Easy Steps

Gmail does not have a separate “Archive” folder and you need to find archived emails manually. We are going to share some easy steps to see archived messages. Let’s have a look at the section below:

Step 1

First, you need to go to the Gmail login official website page. After that, you should put the Email ID and Password on the login page and then click on the Login button to open the Gmail account.

Step 2

In the Gmail window, you need to click on the More button which is located in the left-side column. In the More section, you will get an option for All Mail, click on it.

Step 3

In the All Mail folder, you can see all the emails which are in the Inbox as well as archived emails. If you do not understand which emails are archived, then you can go to the Search box and type the desired mail. Alternatively, you can easily find those emails as do not have any Inbox labels.

Now you can easily see the archived emails on your email account.

Step 4

Now you can understand how to find archived emails in Gmail. In this step, we are going to tell you how to retrieve archived emails in Gmail. After finding these archived emails, you need to mark them.

After doing this, you can see an option Move to Inbox, click on it. Now the archived emails are moved to the Inbox. After that, you can check whether the archived emails are shown up in the Inbox folder or not.

Now, you have learned how to find archived emails in Gmail. Follow these steps one by one and perform these on your Gmail account. After performing all the steps if any problem appears, then you need to take help from a professional.

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