How to Find Errors in Python Code


Python offers many possibilities to develop software in a myriad of applications. Such applications include web functionality, data managing programs, and more. Its syntax is relatively simple, which allows coding programs quite easily and in a short time. Also, learning Python is not difficult at all.

If you already have general programming knowledge, you can even teach yourself to program in Python. There are many tutorials and learning resources online. Within a relatively short time, you can become proficient in this programming language. Alternatively, you can learn Python as part of a programming undergraduate program in college.

Whether you learn Python on your own or at college, the Internet has many resources to support your learning. As mentioned, there are plenty of free tutorials, books, forums, and more. Some sites also offer help with programming homework. Such services can write customized Python code upon request.

If you are interested in this type of service, you just need to look for an online company that provides it. Send the company a message with the line “do my Python homework for me,” and wait for a reply. More often than not, a representative will contact you soon. Alternatively, you can place an order directly on the company’s website.

Using this approach to learn Python is quite effective. It has been demonstrated that you increase your programming skills more rapidly by analyzing code written by an expert. The practice is also important. Becoming proficient in a programming language requires a lot of your time spent in front of a computer writing code.

Types of Errors in Python Code

As you become a more skilled Python programmer, you’ll begin to work with more complex projects. You’ll likely write programs with hundreds (or even thousands) lines of code. When you write such big programs, errors are unavoidable. You must learn what types of errors occur when programming in Python so you can avoid them. If errors already occurred, knowing them will help you to correct them more easily.

So, these are the most common errors that you’ll find in Python code:

  • Syntax errors. This type of error is quite common. Even the most experienced Python programmers make these mistakes sometimes. These errors comprise typos, wrong arguments, or incorrect indentation. More often than not, you won’t be able to execute Python code that contains one syntax error or more. The good thing is that, in the IDLE mode, these errors are highlighted. Hence, finding and correcting them is not very time-demanding. Whenever the code that you are writing doesn’t work, inspect your code for this type of error first;
  • Logic errors. This type of error appears when you use some commands in the wrong way. The result of such errors is often unpredictable. If your program crashes, then you’ll have a difficult time trying to identify and correct the error. These errors can be very difficult to find. In such cases, the best way is to use a debugger. Such a software tool inspects your code line by line. It will fix any problems it finds with the use of the functions and commands;
  • Exceptions. This type of error refers to code that is correct but cannot be executed for a reason. For example, you may have a Python routine that requires being connected to the Internet. But if there is no Internet connection available in the first place, the Python interpreter won’t be able to perform it. Even if the routine is perfectly programmed! Thus, an exception will occur.

As seen, of the three types of errors that most often occur with Python code, logic errors are the most problematic. Hence, we will discuss how to find this type of error in more detail below.

Finding Logic Errors in Python Code

As mentioned, finding logic errors is not an easy task. This is why you have to apply a process known as debugging.
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Debugging is unavoidable when you write large programs. Developers have used many different techniques to find and eliminate bugs in their code.

You can begin debugging with the ‘print’ command. Alternatively, you can use a logger specifically created for the debugging process. You use the ‘print’ command to display information about what is happening inside the code. However, in most cases, this process is not time-efficient.

Whether you are a beginning or a seasoned programmer, the best way to debug a program is by using a debugging tool. Learning to use all the features of a professional debugger can save you a lot of time. In a sense, a debugger allows you to open up the code so you can perform different tests and analyze it line by line.

You can use the built-in Python debugger, pdb.  This software tool has a command-line interface through which you lead the debugging process. This debugger will allow you to look through the code. But most importantly, you’ll be able to run the lines of code visualized in the command line.
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What’s more, you can change the variables and see how it affects the execution of the code.

With pdb, you can easily find any errors in your Python code. To use it, you just need to call it like import pdb; pdb.set:trace( ). This line will indicate the interpreter to open a Python prompt for debugging.

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