How To Find Mac OS Version: Check It In An Instant

Apple is one of those few brands whose products are preferred by the professionals and people in corporate fields. Most of those users are focussed towards the Mac and the iMac lineup of Apple. They do so because unlike other pre-built system manufacturers, Apple systems are more robust and powerful. They also provide one of the best customer service experiences to the users and that is also one of the major things which are preferred by corporate users.

But, apart from those reasons, the users lean towards Apple products due to its OS which is Mac OS X. They prefer it that much because of its simple but innovative UI which comes with vast compatibility of the software and app supports.

In fact, Apple knows this very well and that is why they confined their OS within their devices and that behavior forced the users toward the Apple prebuilt systems. That is why we are going to discuss the Mac OS  X

The Latest Version Of The Mac OS X Mojave

Mac OS X is the most famous and current version of the Mac OS. There multiplatform connectivity and simple UI helped them to grow like they are now.  But, with the new OS update, they extend its features to a new level.

The Mac OS X Mojave comes with the Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop and Desktop Stacks. It also provides a new method to take screenshots, a new News app, and a reconfigured Mac App store. But that is not all,  for a long time users are asking for FaceTime Group App and with this new OS Apple has answered their request by providing it. And there are still a lot of apps which will be released with the upcoming updates. Users have high hopes with Mojave and right now Apple is fulfilling it very well

How To Update The Mac OS?


To get this update, first, you need to visit the Mac Apps store and then, you need to search for the name of the up. After that, you need to download it but before starting that download you need to fill up the  Apple ID information. Then, a pop up will appear after the download and you need to click Continue option which is present on it. Now, the installation process will begin and after a few hours, it will get completed

But, keep it in mind, that you need that before the update. Furthermore, you should verify the free space you have on your system. According to Apple, you should have space around 20-30 GB on your system.

The next thing you need to do is the keeping a backup file handy for your whole system with the help of Time Machine. This will help you if something got wrong.

After that, you should get your self-log-in on the iCloud app because this will help you with the installation process. And the last but the most important thing you need to check is the compatibility list. This will decide that you should or not update your OS to the Mojave version.

How To Check Your Mac OS Version?


After the update, you will be eager to see your version details, therefore, here is the way to do that. To get the information, first, you need to click on the Apple icon which will be present on the top-left corner. That will open a popup menu on the screen. On that menu, you will find the “About This Mac” option. Click on that. That action will you to another page where you can see the detailed information about your Mac OS.

Apart from that, you can get more information about your system on that page. On that information page, you will find different tabs on Display, storage, Support, and Service. Click on those and you will get information about them also.

We hope this article is able to help you with information on Mac OS and its updates.

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