How To Fix Error Code 0xc000000e In Windows 10? A Quick Guide

Windows, like other Operating Software, is also prone to manifesting malfunctions and plenty of errors. Now, the error alerts can be very annoying since they put a halt to the regular workflow which the users enjoy. But, they arise due to certain reasons. There constant flashing before the users on-screen indicates that there is currently a problem that is going on in the system. The error code 0xc000000e is one of them and has a significance for making its presence known. Perplexed users obviously seek solutions in order to fix the problem. But, what they skip are the probable causes for this issue to take place. Also, it is necessary for them to know a little bit about the error itself. Knowing what it signifies is the primary thing before heading to troubleshoot it.

This article aims to walk confused users through this guide for a complete resolution. Also, it holds all the possible reasons for which the problem takes place and induces the error message to flash before them recurringly. Therefore, stick through and note down all the essential points that we convey.

More About the Error Code 0xc000000e

The appearance of this error indicates that the user has a corrupted or faulty Boot Configuration Data. But, what is that? The Boot Configuration Data, basically, is a store that is globally open for all settings, as well as, options associated with booting to a fresh new Windows systems. Now, one encounters this error while making an attempt to boot the device. Then, they face a black screen which holds instructions regarding the ways to fix the system by employing a recovery drive. And having said this, it is the sole method by which one can have the error code 0xc000000e solved. Therefore, make sure to possess one. However, in case you do not have, you can easily create it with the assistance of a certain software from any other computer system or laptop.

Furthermore, the error code signifies that the computer system that you own needs to be repaired. Also, it points out a failure in the hardware or even an incorrect configuration of a drive. However, it may manifest many other error messages. If the system shows something else, you can find it in the underlying messages that we have laid down.

  • The required device cannot be accessed.
  • Failure to load the concerned entry because the application is faulty or corrupt.
  • Failure of the boot selection because the necessary application is entirely inaccessible.

These are some of the messages which appear along with the alpha-numeric error code. Now, if you know that the problem is just this.

However, there is yet another thing to know before we proceed to the solution part: the causes. Knowing them can let you troubleshoot the problem promptly since you tend to target only the probable reasons. Therefore, head to the successive section which provides a detailed discussion regarding the potential reasons for the manifestation of the error code 0xc000000e.

The Potential Causes for the Error to Appear

Any sudden error message can perplex the users and put a halt to their regular tasks. And such a pause stirs frustration and annoyance among them. So, the very next measure that they take is seek ways to resolve the complication. At most times, most concerned people skip the necessary part of knowing what the error is and what it signifies. This makes them beat the bush with no knowledge of what they are actually doing. And to avoid that, one must have, at least, a quick glance at their indication. However, one can easily accentuate the troubleshooting process if they know the reasons for the problem to arise.

The error code 0xc000000e appears for some reasons which trigger its presence, similar to other Windows errors. And knowing them can speed up the entire procedure of removing the issue. So, treating the root can eradicate the problem and let the users resume their tasks with the earlier speed. Hence, this section is important since it holds the causes and you must go through them.

There exist diverse causes for the error code 0xc000000e to arrive. One is due to the inaccessibility into the winload.exe file. Also, if the file is corrupt or faulty the error does not hesitate to appear. Another reason can be the failure to detect the boot location of the Operating System. So, these are the probable causes that induce the problem to appear. Now, the users can head to the solutions section.

How to Fix Error Code 0xc000000e3 in Windows 10: 3 Quick and Effective Procedures

For troubleshooting the error there are several methods which you can implement one by one and inspect if the problem persists or not. We suggest you begin with the most basic procedure that is examining if the physical connections are alright or were they disconnected unintentionally. Beginning with such a method helps you avoid certain human-made errors. And it can actually solve most of the problems. However, stick through the underlying procedures and stop to check the presence of the problem after implementing each method.

Method 1: Inspect the Physical Device Connections

Firstly, you must inspect if a separate device is connected to the system. Now, this is important because the BIOS or UEFI configuration might be arranged in such a manner that the connection of any external device possesses a higher boot priority as compared to the hard disk. And if this is the case, the externally connected disk can be the drive which the system is trying to boot into. However, the external devices encompass the devices like the Pen Drivers, CDs, and certain other USB Storage Devices.

Method 2: Rebuild the Boot Configuration Data

If the last procedure wasn’t able to yield desirable changes, only then you must move forward to this current method. In order to change the boot order, you must boot into the BIOS from the recovery drive and not the hard drive.

For that, you must adhere and stick through the underlying dedicated steps.

  • Access the UEFI or the BIOS settings. To do this, press the motherboard manufacturer’s designated key prior to Windows boots. Now, this button is generally Delete, Esc, F8, F2, F12, F10 or the Backspace. However, these are the keys and now it depends on the manufacturer. Also, an online search on the way to access the BIOS can let you enter the settings. But, for this, make sure to enter the model number of the system.
  • Moving on, once inside the BIOS, head to the Boot and then implement the instructions, to alter the boot order, present within the BIOS. Then, set either USB port or the CD-ROM to be the prime device. Now, this depends on the fact that whether the recovery drive is flash or a CD drive.
  • Finally, proceed to Save the settings and then hit Exit.

The Main Step

In case, you are successful in having configured the BIOS with the aforementioned steps, just a press on any key can let you boot the system from the recovery drive. After that, once the boot is complete, follow the underlying steps in order to rebuild the BCD. The underlying dedicated steps will guide you through it all.

  • In the dialogue box of the Windows Setup, arrange everything to the relevant values. Then, proceed to select your language and then click.
  • After that, in the lower left corner, tap on the option to ‘Repair your computer’. Next, proceed to choose the Troubleshoot from the option for ‘Choose an option screen’.
  • There, in the troubleshoot screen, head to click on the Advanced Options and then hit on the Command Prompt.
  • Next, when the Command Prompt launches, type in the following commands. And make sure to press the Enter key after typing each of them. bootrec /scanos, bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /fixboot, and bootrec /rebuildbcd.

Finally, proceed to reboot the system. The boot procedure will run just as fine with no complications and issues. After everything, inspect if the error code 0xc000000e remains and keeps on flashing before you. If that is the case, the next method is your saviour.

Method 3: Repair the Operating System with the Recovery Drive

In this procedure, you will repair the Operating System with the recovery file’s Command Prompt. Boot from that recovery driver, and then obey the instructions stated below.

  • Use the above steps in the last method in order to receive the Command Prompt of the recovery drive.
  • Then, once within the Command Prompt, enter the commands that we mentioned: cd x:\sources\recovery, StartRep.exe, After that, press the Enter key present on your keyboard in order to execute the commands. However, it is the StartRep.exe utility that amends the boot environment values. This must troubleshoot the BCD problem. Also, please note that the users are required to revert to this step several times in case of recurring failure.
  • In case, the last step failed to yield results, enter ‘bcdedit’ in the Command Prompt in order to check the values for the Windows Boot Manager.

Now, once the command prompt is complete, close it and then detach the recovery drive and proceed to reboot the computer system.

The booting process mustn’t have any issues and can conduct it seamlessly. Also, the error code 0xc000000e will go away completely and won’t return to bother the users.

Wrapping up

The issue is critical and so are the solutions. And all it requires: patience, recovery driver and strong nerves. However, if one can sit through the entire procedures and implement them with patience, the error can be resolved easily. One must navigate to the options carefully in order to make it work. But, if the error code 0xc000000e flashes even then, it is a strong recommendation to consult an expert.

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