Brother Printer Offline Issue [Fixed]

Windows 10 users experience Brother printer offline issue generally after updating their device. However, this is not the only cause there are some other reasons as well that might also lead to this error.

Moreover, if the Brother printer is not set correctly, print jobs can be a primary reason behind the occurrence of this error. 

Once the Brother printer goes to the offline state, then you might be unable to print anything from the printer. However, get rid of the situation with some reliable solutions.

How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 Error?

Here are some effective ways that you can apply to fix Brother printer keeps going offline issue.

Solution 1- Check the Printer Connectivity

To check the printer connectivity, first, restart the Brother printer. Wait till the Brother printer is ready. Now, check the printer connection.

If the Brother printer is connected through USB cable, ensure that the cable is connected well. Also, ensure that you are connecting the cable to the computer via a USB port.

In case, you use a wired network, then ensure that the printer cable is well connected to the Ethernet port. After that, make sure the Brother printer connected to the router is working well.

If the Brother printer is connected through the Wireless network, then check the printer and ensure that it is connected to the PC network. 

The lit-ups wireless icon on the machine indicates that the device is connected. Next, check the status of the issue. 

Solution 2- Check the Printing Status

In case, the machine is properly connected and still the issue persists, then there might be something to do with the printer status. In order to do so, follow the given instructions.

Step 1

First, shut down the printer and wait for some time, then again turn it on. On the keyboard press, the Windows and I key simultaneously and after that, click on the Device button.

Afterward, select the Devices and Printer button. Here drop down and choose your printer name. 

Step 2

Next, click on the See what’s printing option. In case, you see a grey icon without the green checkmark, then right-click on the icon and select ‘Set as Default Printer’ option.

Now, you can see the printer status either offline or pause. Click on them to remove the ticks.

Next, insert some paper inside the Brother printer and try to print. 

Solution 3- Remove all the Paper jams from the Device and Printer Window

If the above two solutions are not workable for you, then try to remove all the paper Jams. For that, first, press and hold the Windows and ‘I’ keys together and select the Device option.

Within the Device, drop down and choose the Device & Printer option. Then, right-click on the Brother printer icon and then move to See what’s printing button.

Select the Printer button. After that click on it as well as click on the ‘Cancel all documents’ button.

Hopefully, now the offline issue must be resolved.

Alternative Solutions to Try Out:

What would happen if all the above fixes fail to fix the problem? Don’t worry here is another effective solution for you. Sometimes, after restarting the printer spooler service, the problem might be solved. Here is,

How to reset the Print Spooler Service?

Launch the Run dialog box. By pressing the Windows and R keys together you can open it. Next, type ‘services.msc’ in the Run box and hit the Enter key.

To locate the Print Spooler faster, press the ‘P’ key on the keyboard. Check its status. However, if you can’t see the status, then, right-click on the Print Spooler service and click on the Start option.

 If you wish, you might right-click on the Print Spooler and select the Restart option.

Close the window and check if any changes have been made or not.

Add a Second Printer

You can set a manual IP address for the Brother Printer and also add a port on your computer to match them.

You also need an IP address for the Brother printer. This can be easily found in the printer manual. In case, you don’t have the manual, then search it on the Manufacturer’s website.

Press and hold the Windows and ‘I’ keys together and choose the Device. Then, move to the ‘Devices and Printers’ section. 

Right-click on your Brother printer and choose the Printer properties option. Select the Ports tab and after that, click on the Add Port option. 

Click on the dialog box next to the ‘Standard TCP/IP’ port. Then, tap on New port. Click on Next. on the next page, enter the printer’s IP address and click on Next.

These are some easy and effective solutions to the Brother printer offline issue. Now, try these solutions one after one and check which one can bring the required solution for you.

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